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29th April 2020
Selected Chemistry & Industry magazine issue

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Computing clean energy Computing clean energy

High performance computing is supercharging research into clean energy solutions.

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Ripeness sensor

Maria Burke, April 2020
US chemists have created a small sensor to detect the gas in concentrations as low as 15 parts/bn, which could be used to monitor fruit and vegetables as they are shipped and stored – so reducing food waste.


aviation spread

Clean aviation

Jasmin Fox- Skelley, April 2020

Despite huge turbulence from Covid-19, the aviation industry is still working towards the EU goal of reducing emissions by 75% by 2050, Jasmin Fox- Skelley reports


Advanced materials

Arno Kraft, April 2020
Levulinic acid is available in good yield from lignocellulose, a by-product of cellulose production. Its cyclisation to angelica lactones offers access to a new class of biomass-derived key intermediates in chemistry. One isomer in particular, β-angelica lactone, shows a notable structural resemblance to acrylates, which are industrially important. X.-J. Wang and M. Hong have managed to identify a suitable catalyst that was able to polymerise β-angelica lactone.


Continuous improvement

Chris Palmer, April 2020

As global life expectancies increase, more people are suffering from chronic diseases, putting pressure on healthcare systems. European life expectancies have increased by 10 years since 1970 and in Latin America the increase is almost 20 years since 1960, according to World Bank data. In the US, the number of Americans aged 85 years and over will triple by 2050 and health expenditures are projected to increase by $3.5 trillion between 2010 and 2040. 


Fixing the results

Dennis Rouvray, April 2020
This book, originally published in France, investigates this growing international problem, its causes, and argues that recent developments can explain why fraudulent behaviour has become so prevalent.


Movers & shakers

April 2020

US biotechnology company Altavant Sciences, which focuses on drug development for rare respiratory diseases, has appointed Howard M. Lazarus as CMO. Lazarus has over 20 years’ experience in drug development for pulmonary, vascular and interstitial diseases.


Different future

Neil Eisberg, April 2020
While the world is in virtual lockdown due to the coronavirus Covid-19, some observers are desperately looking for any welcome signs of relief from the pandemic. Whether it is the reversing of the number of deaths as the current – hopefully not just the first – wave passes through the population as appears to have happened in China, and may be happening in Italy, or another possible impact.


Business digest

April 2020
Global pharma major AstraZeneca is collaborating with UK biotechnology company Silence Therapeutics to discover, develop and commercialise small interfering RNA (siRNA) therapeutics for cardiovascular, renal, metabolic and respiratory diseases.
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