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29th April 2020
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Continuous improvement

Chris Palmer, 27/04/2020

As global life expectancies increase, more people are suffering from chronic diseases, putting pressure on healthcare systems. European life expectancies have increased by 10 years since 1970 and in Latin America the increase is almost 20 years since 1960, according to World Bank data. In the US, the number of Americans aged 85 years and over will triple by 2050 and health expenditures are projected to increase by $3.5 trillion between 2010 and 2040. 

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Oral solid dosages

Shilpi Mehrotra, 27/04/2020

The nutraceutical market for oral solid dosage forms (OSDFs) is both driven and challenged by consumer awareness. These challenges are analysed in a new report: Excipients for Nutraceutical Oral Solid Dos­age Forms: Market Analysis and Opportunities.

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