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29th April 2020
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Clean aviation

Jasmin Fox- Skelley, 27/04/2020

Despite huge turbulence from Covid-19, the aviation industry is still working towards the EU goal of reducing emissions by 75% by 2050, Jasmin Fox- Skelley reports

Electronic tattoos

XiaoZhi Lim, 27/04/2020

The market for personal health monitoring – including consumer electronics such as wristwatches – is estimated to reach $67.98bn by the end of 2022. But could electronic tattoos on skin be the next design breakthrough?
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Fresh air

Vanessa Zainzinger , 27/04/2020

From filter systems to car-free cities, scientists and thinkers have different visions for tackling air pollution, the biggest environmental health risk in the world, reports Vanessa Zainzinger

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Managing a winning LIMS team

Christine Paszko and Laura Lee Williford, 27/04/2020

Christine Paszko and Laura Lee Williford, from Accelerated Technologies, highlight the importance of project managers and the key management requirements when implementing informatics systems

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Welding the impossible

Lou Reade, 27/04/2020

Welding, in some form or another, has been used since ancient times. Now, detailed research into the underlying processes could help extend the technique even further. Lou Reade reports

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