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asynt fReactor photo flowUnlocking photochemistry in flow

Developed by Asynt, in conjunction with the University of Leeds (UK), the fReactor Photo Flow provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful platform for scientists looking to explore photochemistry in flow chemistry applications. Designed for ease of use and high operational safety, it delivers all the key advantages of flow photochemical reactors, over conventional batch systems, including consistent light flux, controlled exposure times and precise temperature control.

It has two high power LED wavelength options (450nm/Blue and 365nm/UV). Alternative wavelength options are available upon request.

Integrating the efficiency of pipe-flow processing with the advanced mixing of five continuous stirred tank reactors, delivers a ‘plug-and-flow’ setup well-suited to multiphasic reactions. Installation of each module is straight forward. By placing the module over the required cell, the Photo Flow clips into position. Designed for flexibility, you can choose how many modules to use on a base platform. All five modules can be powered from a single power supply using an optional splitter lead.


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Uniqsis photosyn led photo reactorDaisy-chaining photo- and thermal chemistry

Uniqsis reports how researchers at the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol (UK), have successfully prepared bicyclic lactams in high overall yield and excellent purity, under flow through conditions, using a photochemical [2+2] cycloaddition followed by a thermal electrocyclic cascade.

Using a PhotoSyn LED photoreactor, from ultraviolet (UV) to visible, the researchers were able to make their [2+2] ring closure much more energy efficient. Integrating this with a FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor they were also able to apply automated high-temperature flow chemistry to the thermal cascade step facilitating safe and reliable scale-up with short reaction times.

The process was facilitated by the ability to employ acetonitrile as solvent at high temperature under pressurised conditions and the precise control of residence time and temperature in the flow reactor which enabled the isolation of a reactive diene intermediate on a scale and yield not achievable under batch conditions.

Eldico Scientific

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Eldico ED1 electron diffractometerInstrumenting chemical synthesis

With the ED-1, Eldico Scientific, a Swiss technology provider, introduces its new electron diffractometer. The instrument combines an electron beam of simplified design with an ultra-precise goniometer. It combines the best of X-ray and electron microscopy worlds, enabling diffraction experiments at the nanoscale in an easy-to-install, user-friendly device. Equipped with this instrument, any lab will be able to perform routine analysis on crystalline samples that have so far been considered out-of-reach.

In synthesising new compounds, knowledge of the exact molecular structure is of great importance. At the moment, this analysis can only be done unambiguously by X-ray investigation and requires the substance is available as a rather large single crystal in the range of several hundred µm. Very often the compound to be analysed is only available as a powder of nanoparticles. Growing crystals to the size dictated by X-ray diffraction requires a lot of time, effort and luck – even for experienced specialists.