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Parallel reactor for hydrogenation catalysts

The Chianese Organometallic Chemistry group at Colgate University, NY, US, is using a custom designed Multicell Parallel High-Pressure Reactor from Asynt to conduct reproducible hydrogenation experiments in parallel, to determine the kinetic properties of their novel catalysts.

The research focuses on new transition metal complexes for catalysing the hydrogenation of polar compounds. The group wanted a high-pressure reactor capable of conducting many hydrogenations at once, with rigorous control of the initial concentrations and reaction temperature and the ability to take and analyse reaction aliquots over the course of the reaction.

Used with a hotplate stirrer, the standard 316 stainless steel reactor can undertake 10 x 30 mL reactions in parallel at pressures of up to 50bar and temperatures up to 200°C. Options include additions/sampling under pressure, operating conditions up to 350°C and 200 bar, a 4-position system offering reaction volumes of up to 150 mL, sub-ambient cooling and different temperatures and pressures in each reactor cell.

Parallel reactor for hydrogenation catalysts - Asynt


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Automated flow chemistry synthesis

The Uniqsis FlowSyn Auto-LF automated loop filling system harnesses flow chemistry to deliver more compounds faster. Capable of running multiple experiments with multiple reagent inputs under different sets of chemical conditions, it is ideal for robotic synthesis groups looking to generate combinatorial libraries.

Designed to run multiple experiments with multiple reagent inputs (with a choice of two or four channels) it saves time by loading the reagent loops for the next reaction whilst the current run is in progress. Fully integrated wash protocols minimise cross-contamination.

It incorporates an automated liquid handler that can accommodate up to 96 samples. Fractions can be collected either separately on a single rack fraction collector or on a 4-rack collector to further enhance throughput.

The FlowSyn Auto-LF displays graphical real time information reactor(s) temperature, system and individual pump pressures for reaction monitoring and data logging as well as flow rate/residence time. Setting up multiple reaction protocols is straightforward utilising the FlowControl software’s wizard-based approach.

Automated flow chemistry synthesis - Uniqsis