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DrySyn Spiral Evaporator from AsyntColloidal nanoparticle research

Researchers from the School of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews, UK, are using a DrySyn Spiral Evaporator from Asynt to synthesise novel reactive colloidal nanoparticles. Their unique properties mean that potential applications extend from drug delivery systems to new catalysts and solar cells.

The aim of Dr Euan Kay’s group is to achieve molecular-level control over structure and function. The team is developing new synthetic methodologies, which can be handled ‘in solution’ in much the same way as larger molecules. This enables researchers to apply the principles of synthetic supramolecular chemistry and the analytical tools of molecular science to control and characterise nanoscale structure with molecular precision.

Dr Kay commented: ‘The Spiral Evaporator was mainly purchased for the removal of high boiling point solvents, such as water, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and dimethylformamide (DMF), to produce dry samples of organic compounds and nanoparticles, and for removing solvent traces when transferring small samples into vials for storage.


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ionRocket sample preparation device by BioChromatoMS structural analysis of fluoroelastomers

BioChromato has published a report describing how its ionRocket sample preparation device, used in combination with Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS) and Kendrick Mass Defect (KMD) analysis, provides a valuable new tool for chain analysis of fluoroelastomers.

Since copolymerisation and chain end modification are used to achieve high polymer functionality, structural analysis is important for product development and to understand how a fluoropolymer might degrade.

The ionRocket is a temperature-heating device for direct thermal desorption and pyrolysis of samples, prior to ionisation and analysis by mass spectrometry. A temperature gradient from ambient up to 600°C can be achieved in just a few minutes. This enables fluoropolymers to be pyrolysed and then introduced into the DART-MS gas stream.

The report shows how the technique can be used to detect the pyrolysis products of fluoroelastomers from low to high molecular weight. In addition, by using KMD analysis, the detected pyrolysis components can be understood relatively easily.


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HotCoil - Coil Reactor Heater from Uniqsis‘Plug and play’ reactor modules

Uniqsis makes flow chemistry accessible to everyone, catering for multi-step and automated reaction sequences, with an expanding suite of affordable 'plug and play' reactor modules.

Compatible with all Uniqsis coil reactors and an operating temperature range of ambient to +300°C, the HotCoil heating module is a cost-effective entry solution; simply add your own pumps.

HotChip, a standalone heater module, provides precise temperature control of glass static mixer (GSM) chip reactors, which can be used as static mixers before a coil reactor or to perform fast exothermic reactions where reaction times are often less than one minute. Available in sizes from 270µl to 20 ml, GSM chips can be used for reactions from -80°C to over 230°C.

The Cold Coil II provides a flexible, entry-level solution for low temperature applications. With an external thermoregulation circulator, it maintains stable temperatures between -78°C and +150°C for extended periods. A glass cover eliminates convective effects; vacuum jacketed glass cover is available for very low temperatures.

Cold Coil Versatile standalone heating and cooling module for coils and GSMs from Uniqsis