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DrySyn OCTO reaction station from AsyntSustainable high efficiency biocatalytic hydrogenation

UK-based HydRegen is using a DrySyn OCTO reaction station from Asynt to help develop a next generation biocatalyst system. HydRegen ( spun-out from the Vincent Group in the Dept. of Chemistry at the University of Oxford in March 2021. The company is developing novel and sustainable strategies for using the growing toolbox of NADH-dependent redox biocatalysts in chemical synthesis. The system allows chemical manufacturing to harness the precision of biology with the efficiency of catalytic hydrogenation, allowing the replacement of heavy metal catalysts for highly selective hydrogenation reactions or to decarbonise existing redox biocatalysis processes, while operating within existing continuous flow hydrogenation reactors.


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Borealis Uniqsis High Intensity LED LampLED Module for flow applications

Borealis from Uniqsis is a new high intensity LED lamp, available in a range of wavelengths (370, 410, 440, 460 and 520nm), that converts its Cold Coil standalone reactor module into a photochemical flow reactor.

With a safety interlock to prevent accidental exposure, the lamps have a programable power supply that automatically detects the wavelength of the module and adjusts the output.

A temperature sensor and safety cut-out protect the LEDs from overheating. An inert gas purge input is provided for low temperature use. To operate as a turn-key system, a coil reactor is inserted inside the Cold Coil reactor module and clamped in place using the external adjuster. The lamp unit is then inserted into the coil reactor and connected to the power supply.

The reactor temperature is controlled by connecting the Cold Coil to a either a cold-water supply, for reactions close to room temperature, or preferably to a thermoregulation system.