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Temperature-controlled batch photoreactor Solstice - UniqsisTemperature-controlled batch photoreactor

For small scale photochemical reactions, Uniqsis has introduced Solstice – a compact, temperature-controlled batch photoreactor. It is ideal for reactions involving solid materials (such as catalysis), optimisation of reaction conditions and production of small compound arrays.

Fitting a standard laboratory hotplate/stirrer, it can run up to 12 reactions (0.5–5ml) in parallel. Temperature control is achieved with an external recirculator or tap. An internal temperature probe offers direct measurement of reaction temperature in each reactor. Each tube reactor is fitted with a septum allowing operation under inert atmosphere, degassing and loading of reagents in situ. Additional optional inserts create thin films under vortex stirring conditions to maximise light absorption.

As standard, it comes with either 450nm or 365nm excitation using a high power Borealis LED light source. Other wavelengths are available. Although designed as a batch photoreactor, the lamp module can be combined with a Uniqsis Cold Coil and internal coil reactor to enable continuous flow processing.