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17th October 2017
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Single experiment heating block

Asynt’s DrySyn UNO is a versatile new heating block system designed to enable chemists to perform heated and stirred experiments in single flasks and vials. It uses DrySyn MULTI inserts to convert any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block platform for a single flask from 500ml down to 5ml. In addition, it allows the use of DrySyn Reaction Vial inserts to undertake securely held heated / stirred experiments in a wide variety of different sized vials.

Used in combination with a standard hotplate stirrer, DrySyn units are widely proven to outperform the heat-conducting properties of oil baths. They pose a far lower fire risk and eliminate the need to remove residual contamination from the outside of glassware. In addition to accelerating chemical reactions, they ensure a safer, cleaner, healthier working environment.


The solid anodised aluminium construction delivers outstanding thermal and magnetic transfer efficiency and durability suitable for use in any laboratory environment.

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