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12th June 2018
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Heater module for flow chemistry

Uniqsis announces HotChip - a standalone heater module that provides precise temperature control of flow chemistry glass static mixer (GSM) chip reactors. The Uniqsis range of chemically-resistant borosilicate glass chip reactor blocks can be used as static mixers to ensure effective mixing before a coil reactor or to perform fast exothermic experiments such as nitrations or brominations.

Available in sizes from 270µl to 20 ml, the chips can be used to perform reactions from -80°C to over 225°C. Chips up to 2 ml can be operated up to 40-bar and are available in 2-channel or 3-channel configuration. Larger chips of 10ml and 20 ml have a premixing channel followed by a residence domain and can operate up to 10 bar.

Incorporating a clear, bright LED display, HotChip is very easy to use as a standalone module. Alternatively, it can be remotely controlled using a FlowSyn flow reactor system, a Binary Pump Module or FlowControl software.

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