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Early Careers

    Introducing SCI Ambassador, Nicola Guest

    nicola jayne guest

    "SCI provides fantastic opportunities to be able to collaborate with other ambassadors and to gain contacts within industry and academia."

    What are your research interests? 
    Antimicrobials, Organometallics, Drug Design & Discovery and Natural Products

    How did you first get involved with SCI?
    I saw an article on Twitter about the Bright SCIdea Challenge and it immediately tweaked the interest of my colleague and I, who sent off our business plan straight away. We were fortunate enough to reach the final and went to London and pitched our idea. It was whilst at the event that I met several SCI ambassadors and decided that I would find this role interesting and rewarding.

    What do you hope to gain from your involvement with SCI?
    To be able to promote science – in particular chemistry – through outreach and public engagement activities within my institution and in the community, using SCI as a platform and thus promoting this fantastic organisation at the same time. The chemical sciences are hugely undersubscribed at university year upon year – I am passionate about the role that science communication can play in drawing public interest in the chemical sciences and hope that SCI can be a vehicle for this.

    Why would you encourage your peers to join SCI?
    To become involved in outreach activities and be able to inspire interest in the chemical sciences. Also to be able to attend conferences, take part in events, engage in networking opportunities and to share ideas and knowledge between institutions.

    Nicola Jayne Guest
    University of Salford - School of Environmental and Life Sciences

    Salford logo

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