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Introducing SCI Ambassador, Ruijiao Dong

Ruijiao Dong

“I strongly encourage my peers to join SCI in order to gain access to the myriad of opportunities and benefits”

What are your research interests?
My current research interests focus on the design, synthesis and self-assembly of supramolecular polymers, block copolymers and sequence-defined polymers, as well as their applications in both biomedical and pharmaceutical fields.

How did you first get involved with SCI?
SCI was firstly recommended to me by one of my friends, and thereafter I gave an oral presentation about my research at the 24th Joint Annual Conference organised by CSCST and SCI at Newcastle in 2017.

What do you hope to gain from your involvement with SCI?
I would like to attend SCI-related academic conferences, to build a wide and deep professional network, to strengthen collaboration with peers and increase the visibility and impact of my research.

Why would you encourage your peers to join SCI?
SCI is a unique multidisciplinary scientific society, promoting the links between science and industry for public benefit, fostering innovation to address social challenges and facilitating commercialisation of scientific research in chemistry-related fields. Thus I strongly encourage my peers to join SCI in order to gain access to the myriad of opportunities and benefits, to share their research ideas, to strengthen collaboration with peers, and push science forward to actualise the benefits of translating scientific research into practice.

Ruijiao Dong
Imperial College London - Department of Chemical Engineering

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