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SCI College of Scholars

SCI has established its College of Scholars to help current Scholars make the most of the opportunities an SCI Scholarship provides and to make past and present Scholars aware of SCI resources that may be of value to them in their current research and future career. Past and present Scholars are automatic members of the College of Scholars.

The College will provide a framework to facilitate the integration of Scholars within SCI. It seeks to support them throughout the funded period by providing mentoring, networking and a welcoming forum for their research presentations. After the completion of their funded period, the College provides a platform for continued contact once their careers develop, drawing on the expertise of former Scholars as mentors and lay-advisors to SCI. By accompanying Scholars as their careers mature, the College will support and develop a strong network and build a base for future leadership.


Since the College of Scholars event in November 2016, the College of Scholars has been expanded to include all early career award winners and early career committee members.

  • Develop and support a community of current and former Scholars, within SCI's network
  • Support Scholars in their research endeavours and help them develop their careers
  • Build a base for future active membership and leadership within SCI

Principal and Patrons
The College's Principal is Prof Alan Heaton, and its Patrons are Sir Geoffrey Allen, formerly Research and Engineering Director at Unilever, and Andy Merritt from the MRC. More

A significant opportunity for SCI Scholars is to publish in SCI’s academic journals. The College will be working to facilitate this process. More

The College of Scholars hold one-day events for their members which provide training and networking opportunities.

These events provide opportunities for Scholars to present their work to a wider audience and broaden their network in academia and industry.

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