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Publication in SCI Journals

As part of the College of Scholars' activities, SCI offers Scholars an opportunity to gain experience of the publication process by preparing a suitable manuscript for one of the SCI journals. Scholars are invited to showcase their projects by preparing a short review or a research paper for publication in an SCI journal. These should be accessible to a fairly general audience and fall within the remit of the journals as described in the guidelines for authors.

The writing and publication of research results and literature reviews forms an important part of most research projects. The process of preparing a manuscript for publication is very different from writing an internal report or indeed a PhD thesis, and the submission process, peer review, production and final proofreading of the resulting research paper are usually dealt with by more experienced researchers, even if results were produced by a PhD student. 

Prepare an abstract

As this will likely be a new experience for most scholars, we will require a one page abstract before work on the manuscript is started, which will allow us to assess the suitability for the chosen journal by consulting the relevant editors from the beginning. The abstracts can be sent to former scholar Dr Natalie Fey, who will check them and then pass them on to the journals. There will be two deadlines for these abstracts per year, at the end of November and at the end of May, allowing us to consider publishing several scholar papers/reviews together. If the journal editors are happy with this outline, then work on the manuscript can go ahead. 

Speak to your supervisor

In addition, you should discuss the planned manuscript in detail with your supervisor(s), who will be able to give you guidance on suitable content and style, and who would normally be co-author(s), although some supervisors might be happy with scholars as sole authors for review papers. When receiving the abstract, Natalie will contact your PhD supervisor(s) to confirm that they are happy with the suggested content, so please make sure you supply appropriate contact details and inform them that she will be in touch.

While normal rules with regards to co-authorship, manuscript preparation and submission will apply (these can be found in the Instructions for Authors), we expect the scholars to play an active role throughout the process and would normally treat them as the submitting author, but would also seek to keep their supervisors informed throughout the process. We might inform editors and reviewers that manuscripts have been prepared by SCI Scholars, but the submission and review will not be altered otherwise. In addition, we would encourage you to work with Natalie, as well as your supervisors, mentors and other members of the College, when preparing the manuscript.

If you are a scholar and would be interested in publishing, please contact us at awards@soci.org   

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