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SCI Mentoring Programme

SCI Mentoring Scheme

The SCI Mentoring Programme will be a fine asset for SCI to offer to members.’- Dr Peter Hambleton, SCI Mentor and Trustee

Career support
A key part of SCI‘s strategic mission is to support members‘ careers through training, development, and employment opportunities. To facilitate this mission, SCI has launched a new Member Benefit: The SCI Mentoring Programme.

The SCI Mentoring Programme is a new Member Benefit that is designed to match early career members with a mentor who will help them to address specific goals or issues in their career. This new initiative, is of real benefit to SCI Members – both mentors and mentees alike.

The advantages of SCI
Playing to SCI‘s unique strength as a multidisciplinary and all-inclusive Society, partnerships made through the scheme will demonstrate SCI‘s broad membership and will be both multi-industry and multi-science in nature, while enabling connections to be forged over common themes and issues. The Programme will also offer a platform for participants (both Mentors and Mentees) to make themselves known to the SCI community, opening up other channels of communication and enhancing networking skills.

The pilot scheme
A pilot scheme is currently underway with a small group of invited members who will feedback to SCI and the Early Careers Committee about their experience so we can ensure that we are offering the most efficient, accessible, and informative service to members when the full programme is launched.

What to Expect from your SCI Mentor/Mentee
Through their participation in the SCI Mentoring Programme we have found that mentees are seeking assistance in common areas, including: networking and communication, problem solving and decision making, transitioning from academia into industry, and general career development. Our mentors come from a range of scientific backgrounds and industries. Some have worked for major corporations, others for scientific spin-out companies, as consultants, or in academia. Mentors are being matched to mentees based on the skills, knowledge and area(s) of expertise they can offer and we expect partnerships to last 12 months in the first instance*

Application Criteria & How to Get Involved

  • Mentors need to be full SCI members** and be prepared to commit to a minimum of 12 months to support their mentee. The number and length of meetings will generally be driven by the mentee, but on average we would expect meetings to last between 30 and 60 minutes and take place roughly every two months
  • Mentees are required to be in continuous SCI membership for a minimum of two years, or if less than two years, demonstrate a commitment to SCI, for example in the form of committee membership, as an SCI Ambassador or as an SCI Award winner. Corporate Members are also fast-tracked to the SCI Mentoring Programme
  • We welcome applications from eligible members who would like to be a mentor or mentee. If you would like to apply, or would like to check your eligibility, please contact mentoring@soci.org
  • Please note, applications from mentees and mentors are subject to approval from the SCI Mentoring Programme panel. We will contact you if your application has been successful.

What Happens After You Apply?
We will ask you to complete our questionnaire and agree to our code of conduct. If you meet the eligibility requirements we will invite you to complete the next available training session.

After you have been trained your details will be put forward to our matching panel to see if an appropriate match can be found. If a match is found, we will pair you with your selected mentor/mentee and share high level details of the skills, experience and challenges the parties can offer or wish to address. Both parties have the option to ask for a different mentor/mentee if they wish to do so. Once both parties have confirmed that they are happy to go ahead with the match, we will connect you and send other relevant paperwork so the partnership can begin.

SCI will be in touch to obtain feedback at the 3, 6 and 12 month stages of the partnership.

*Extensions can be applied for
**e-members are not eligible to join

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