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ion Rocket from BioChromatoRapid, direct MS characterisation

The ionRocket from BioChromato is a temperature-heating device for direct thermal desorption and pyrolysis of samples, prior to ionisation and analysis by mass spectrometry.

Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry (DART-MS) enables rapid analysis of both solid and liquid samples under standard laboratory conditions without sample preparation.

The device gradually heats a sample placed directly beneath the DART-MS gas stream. Gradient heating creates time/temperature resolved mass spectra, separating species both by their thermal desorption profiles and mass to charge ratio (m/z).

ionRocket generates a temperature gradient from ambient up to 600°C in just a few minutes. This allows compounds to be sublimated, vapourised, or pyrolysed, according to their volatility, before introduction into the DART-MS gas stream.

Data obtained yields another axis of data (time/temperature) beyond that obtained from normal DART-MS analysis. Species desorb in order of their volatility along the temperature gradient, and therefore are separated in time.


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Asynt FroSyn Cooling StationSmall scale reaction chemistry

Asynt has published a case study describing how the FroSyn Cooling Station has enabled John Bower’s Group at the University of Liverpool (UK) to reproducibly conduct low temperature enantioselective catalytic reactions, over an extended period.

Jointly developed by Asynt and temperature control specialist, Julabo UK, it offers a versatile, stand-alone solution to low temperature synthetic chemistry without the drawbacks of dry ice/solvent baths.

Dr Karim Bahou comments: ‘By using the vial insert supplied, we can set-up several parallel reactions to test different reaction conditions at low temperature, at the same time. When we want to scale-up, we can do this simply by switching the insert to allow round bottom flasks up to 500mL to be used.’

Using a Pt100 sensor positioned in its insulated baseplate, active temperature control down to -60°C eliminates temperature fluctuations. Positioning of the FroSyn on top of a conventional magnetic stirrer enables efficient sample mixing during cooled experiments.


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Uniqsis optimised flow modulesOptimised flow modules

Uniqsis offers an extensive range of individual flow chemistry modules that can be used on any flow chemistry system. These plug-and-play modules have been designed to enable researchers to configure a flow chemistry system precisely to meet their needs.

They include a comprehensive range of coil reactors and column reactors for homogenous and heterogenous reactions, static mixer blocks for efficient mixing; a choice of cooling modules for sub-ambient reaction, high performance photochemical reactors, real-time UV-vis detectors and external pumps for additional reagent channels.

All modules may be converted to multi-position column reactors by fitting the HotColumn adaptor. This is ideal for studying catalysis applications utilising up to six individual fixed bed reactor columns. Columns are available in a range of sizes in either glass or stainless steel.

With over 300 system installations in leading academic institutions, major pharmaceutical/biotech companies, CRO‘s and MRO’s around the world, Uniqsis flow chemistry modules are widely cited in many ground breaking research papers.