25 April 2013

24th South Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry

Organised by:

SCI's Fine Chemicals Group


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For the 24th consecutive year the Fine Chemicals Group are pleased to announce the 24th South Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry.

This event invites organic chemistry students in the final year of their doctoral studies at UK universities (in synthesis, mechanistic studies, methodology, medicinal chemistry or analysis) to submit applications to present their work.

Winning speakers in this symposium will receive a cash prize and runners up will also recieve prizes. 

Students interested in presenting their work, or anyone who would like further information about these events, are encouraged to speak to their supervisor or contact Dr Silvia Díez-González.


Event Day

Event Schedule
Opening Remarks
Enantioselective syntheses of pharmaceutically important molecules using lithiation/borylation methodology Stefan Roesner, University of Bristol
Iodide as an activating agent for acid chlorides in acylation reactions Russ Wakeham, University of Bath
Iodide as an activating agent for acid chlorides in acylation reactions Russ Wakeham, University of Bath
Functionalising hydrocarbons with aluminium: A mechanistic investigation Catherine Lyall, University of Bath
Copper-catalysed electrophilic carbofunctionalisation reactions of alkynes using hypervalent iodine reagents Andrew J. Walkinshaw, University of Cambridge
Peptidomimetics of trans-proline rich small peptides Boris Aillard, University of Southampton
Refreshment break
Catalytic asymmetric carbon-carbon bond formation using alkenes as alkylmetal equivalents Rebecca Maksymowicz, University of Oxford
Gold and silver catalysed reactions of propargylic alcohols Matthew Pennell, University College London
B(OCH2CF3)3 mediated amidation reactions Rachel Lanigan, University College London
Dichotomais reactivity of organolithium and organoytterbium reagents: Extending the use of cyclobutendiones as isoprene synthons Emma Packard, University of Southampton
Direct ester synthesis from alcohols in a continuous flow system Felicity Roberts, Imperial College
The development of a new class of maleimides as reagents for protein modification Cristina Marculescu Panea, University College London
Closing remarks
Wine reception followed by prize presentation
Speakers Dinner
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Venue and Contact

Imperial College

Imperial College, South Kensington Campus, 
Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Lecture Theatre G16, London, UK

To view location details, please click here.

Dr Silvia Díez-González

+44 (0)20 7598 1561

Email: s.diez-gonzalez@imperial.ac.uk

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Exhibition and Sponsorship

An exhibition will take place alongside the conference for companies and related organisations who may wish to exhibit. Please email conferences@soci.org for further information and prices. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.