15 May - 16 May 2017

2nd Transporters in drug discovery and development

Organised by:

 SCI's Fine Chemicals Group and RSC's Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector and the Drug Metobolism Discussion Group

Burlington House, RSOC

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Cell surface transporters play a key role in human health and disease, both through their impact on drug disposition and as therapeutic targets in their own right. This meeting continues on from the first, successfully held in 2014, and is anticipated to become part of a regular series. It should be of interest to medicinal chemists, DMPK scientists and other workers with interests on the impact of transporters on human health.

15th May to 16th May 2017

Day 1 - 15th May 2017
Registration and lunch
Opening remarks. Session 1: Therapeutic Targets I.
Solute Carriers (SLCs) as drug targets: challenges and opportunities David Hepworth, Pfizer, USA
Structural biology of human solute carriers at the SGC Liz Carpenter, SGC Oxford, UK
Biochemical and biophysical dissection of the molecular events in Na+-coupled substrate transport by a membrane protein Peter Henderson, University of Leeds, UK
Session Chair: Sarah Major, Evotec. Flash poster presentations.
Refreshments and posters Session 2: ADME I
Predicting the impact of transporters on systemic and tissue pharmacokinetics: a look at the utility of in vitro systems and modelling approaches Mohammed Ullah, Roche, Switzerland
Transporter-mediated drug-drug interactions Prediction by Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Modelling (PBPK): an industry perspective Venkatesh Pilla Reddy, AstraZeneca, UK
The impact of agency-relevant transporters and permutations of likely interactions with enzymes through clinical studies: An impossible task that can be replaced by in silico clinical trials of drug candidates Amin Rostami, University of Manchester, UK
Drinks reception, exhibition and posters
Close, walk to conference dinner
Conference dinner at Gaucho, Piccadilly
Day 2 - 16th May 2017
Humanized animal models - potential tools for the study of drug transporters? Laurent Salphati, Genentech, USA Session 3: ADME II
Hepatic uptake and drug disposition – in vitro and in silico approaches Beth Williamson, Evotec, UK
Role of human influx and efflux transporters in renal clearance of organic anions Elnaz Gozalpour, AstraZeneca, UK
Refreshments and exhibition, Session 3: ADME II next.
Pharmacologic characterization of a selective and specific VMAT2 inhibitor: implications for the treatment of tardive dyskinesia Grace Liang, Neurocrine, USA Session 4: Therapeutic Targets II
Discovery, characterization and optimization of sodium-coupled citrate transporter (NaCT or SLC13A5) inhibitors for the treatment of metabolic diseases David Hepworth, Pfizer, USA
Lunch, exhibition and posters Session 5: ADME III
Correction of passive permeation in an in vitro model to predict the extent of Pgp-mediated efflux in brain disposition Johan Nicolaï, UCB, Belgium
Clinical relevance of intestinal BCRP inhibition in drug-drug interactions (DDIs): a perspective on assessing BCRP-mediated DDI risk liability during drug discovery and development Robert Elsby, Cyprotex, UK
Importance of endogenous transporter biomarkers in prediction of transporter mediated drug-drug interactions Kunal Taskar, GlaxoSmithKline, UK
Refreshments Session 6 – Therapeutic Targets III
Using PET to study transporter mediated DDIs in tissues Oliver Langer, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Use of the folate and other transporters for drug delivery to cancers, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases Phil Low, Purdue University, USA
Closing remarks
End of event
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Venue and Contact

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

Burlington House,

Maggi Churchouse

Tel: +44 (0)1359 221004

Email: maggi@maggichurchouseeventsco.uk

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To apply for the early bird rates register before 8 February 2017.

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Additional Info

Venue and Travel

The Library, Royal Society of Chemistry at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA. Situated in central London, this venue is easily accessible by public transport.


Suggestions of nearby hotels will be available on our website.

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

There will be a relevant trade exhibition, and further details will be available from the secretariat. Sponsors are encouraged to support this new event.

Features of the Meeting

The conference programme will cover:

  • Lectures on transporter structural biology, the impact of transporters on ADME and biodistribution, transporters as therapeutic targets and the toxicological impact of transporter interactions on drug development
  • Poster session
  • Related trade exhibition