3 February 2016

3rd Discovering Chemistry Lecture Series: The Role of Chemists in the Discovery of New Medicines

Organised by:

  SCI's Young Chemists' Panel

University of Manchester UK

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Following on from the success of the 2011 "International Year of Chemistry" and the 2013 "Discovering Chemistry" public lecture series, the SCI Young Chemists' Panel is pleased to announce the "3rd Discovering Chemistry Lecture series" hosted at Universities around the country in 2016.

The lectures will be given by industrial and academic experts who will illustrate how chemistry impacts our everyday lives in Britain and worldwide. The series aims to highlight how diverse the field of chemistry is and to provide a brief introduction to a few of the wide range of applications and cutting-edge technologies which fall under the chemistry umbrella. Titles such as "Extreme Drug Discovery", "Global Warming - How can Green Chemistry Help" and "Magic, Folk Medicine, Drugs and Chemistry" are certain to attract interested parties at all venues.

Target audience: Year 12 & 13 school students studying chemistry, although much of the material is suitable for year 11 students and students studying sciences other than chemistry.

Day 1 - 3rd February 2016

Event Schedule
13:30 to 14:30
Event duration
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Venue and Contact

University of Manchester

Renold C2 
University of Manchester
Altrincham Street, 
M1 7JA

Manchester Uni Contact

+44 (0)20 7598 1561


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This lecture is free to attend, to book a place email: outreach.chemistry@manchester.ac.uk with "Medicinal Chemistry lecture" in the subject line.

The Lecture

This lecture is aimed at illustrating how the field of medicinal chemistry has led and will continue to lead to the discovery of new medicines which impact millions of lives worldwide. Using specific examples, a description will be given of the processes involved in taking the knowledge of a modern day disease mechanism (such as cancer, AIDS etc.), and applying problem-solving techniques to design molecules to interact with specific biological targets, thereby saving lives and improving the quality of life. These talks will highlight how diverse technologies (such as robotics used originally in the car industry and supercomputers) and ground-breaking discoveries in other scientific fields (biology, analytics, formulation, large-scale chemistry, engineering) are co-ordinated in the design of new therapeutic agents, with the emphasis being on how chemistry is the core science which makes this possible.

Dr David Alker is a medicinal chemist of over 20 years' industrial experience, who also happens to be an animated, enthusiastic and inspiring speaker with recent experience of recruitment (i.e. he knows what companies are looking for when hiring).