23 July 2020

Herbicide resistant weeds: call to action

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Multiple herbicide resistant weeds and the urgent need for new herbicide modes of action

Dr Todd Gaines, Colorado State University, USA

Innovation in herbicide discovery is urgently needed to combat the pressing issue of resistant weeds.  Take Palmer amaranth, when a single plant can produce half a million seeds, new solutions have to be good!

Weeds are a major threat to global food security, robbing crop plants of light, water and nutrients, harbouring pests and diseases, and making harvesting difficult. Today, over 250 weed species infesting more than 100 crops worldwide have widespread biotypes resistant to herbicides, the most effective and widely adopted weed management practice.  Furthermore, the evolution of multiple herbicide resistance in damaging weed species threatens crop yields and farm profitability around the world.

Weeds accumulate multiple resistance mechanisms through gene flow, with international transport of herbicide resistant weeds proving to be a serious issue. Metabolic resistance mechanisms can confer resistance across multiple modes of action and even to herbicides not yet discovered.

This webinar will provide the latest understanding of how weeds are becoming resistant to as many as five different herbicide modes of action and will explain why new ones are desperately needed. It will provide a valuable update for all interested in crop protection and global food security including researchers, crop protection advisors and students.


Dr Todd Gaines

Dr Todd Gaines is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Biology at Colorado State University (CSU), USA. His specialization is in molecular weed science and functional weed genomics. He completed his PhD at CSU, followed by post-docs in Western Australia (Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative with Prof. Stephen Powles) and Germany (Bayer CropScience).

Introduction: Chair, Dr Alan Baylis, Nuvistix Innovation
Presentation: Dr Todd Gaines, Colorado State University

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