14 February - 15 February 2024

Regenerative Agriculture: The Science, Economics and Practice

Organised by:

SCI's Agrisciences Group, RSC's Agricultural Sector Interest Group and BSSS (British Society of Soil Science)

SCI, London, UK

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SCI invites you to join leading experts and change-makers to explore the potential of regenerative agriculture, a revolutionary approach to farming that goes beyond sustainability. It is a holistic system that enhances the health and vitality of the soil, promotes biodiversity, and restores natural ecosystems. By leveraging regenerative practices, we can rebuild degraded land, combat climate change, and produce nutritious food while protecting precious natural resources.

Inspiring speakers who have been involved in implementing regenerative practices and transforming their landscape who will offer insights into the science, strategies, and benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Information on practical techniques such as cover cropping, rotational grazing, agroforestry, and water management, including how to integrate these practices into farming operations.

Updates on the latest research and innovations in regenerative agriculture including advances in soil health, agroecology, permaculture, and sustainable food systems.


The event is intended to broker links between science, agriculture, and the food, nutrition and health industry, with a target audience of academics, students and early-career researchers across all these fields; stakeholders across the food chain including farmers, agricultural consultants and managers, food manufacturers and product developers, nutrition and health consultants and professionals, marketing and retailers; policy-makers; and consumers and public who are seeking evidence-based information around regenerative farming. This conference is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of regenerative agriculture and connect with a diverse community of farmers, scientists, policymakers, and enthusiasts.

Call for Posters

Contributions are invited from early-stage researchers and PhD students. The objective for the competition is to identify posters which best explain the outcomes of the research, and also in the context of the potential application of the results by the industry and consumers. There will be voucher prizes of £100 for 1st place and £50 for 2nd place. An abstract of maximum 250 words (250 words does not include author names, affiliations, references or figure captions) indicating title, authors, institution included with the Poster, should be sent to conferences@soci.org by Monday 29 January 2024 with the subject line “Regenerative Agriculture event - poster submission”

The 1st place winner will be additionally awarded with the opportunity to publish their poster in JSFA as well as JSFA Reports.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Registration and refreshments
Introduction and welcome
Daniel Evans, Cranfield University and British Society of Soil Science
Session 1: Science
Soil organic matter: the key to regenerative agriculture
Anne Bhogal, ADAS
How regenerative agriculture links biodiversity and food production
Kirstie Speed, CLM
Relevance of livestock and farming for a Better Climate
Poppy Frater, SAC Consulting
Panel discussion
Refreshment break
Session 2: Economics
Regenerative agriculture: regenerative thinking
Louise Manning, University of Lincoln
How to cool the planet by 1%
Simon Evill, Pelican Ag
The Economics of Regenerative Agriculture – 5 years of benchmarking against conventional systems
Gary Markham, Land Family Business (LFB)
Panel discussion
Session 3: Practice
Long term result from Syngenta’s European Conservation Agriculture project
Max Newbert, Syngenta
How regenerative agriculture practices can reduce pest pressure and promote biocontrol: an oilseed rape exemplar
Samantha Cook, Rothamsted Research
Working with Mother Nature
John Cherry, Groundswell Agriculture Ltd
Panel discussion
Networking reception
Conference close

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Burleigh Dodds Science


Organising committee
Mark Botting, Fruit Advisory Services 
David Cameron, De Sangosse 
Daniel Evans, Cranfield and British Society of Soil Science 
James Garratt, Enviresearch 
Peter Reineck, SCI Agrisciences and Energy Groups 
David Withall, Rothamsted