5 February 2025

Getting the food system right: from policy to production to processing

Organised by:

SCI’s Agrisciences group, RSC and BSSS

SCI, London, UK

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We invite you to be part of a transformative event with the focus on getting the food system right, from policy to production to processing, through sustainable farming and innovative food systems. Join industry leaders, farmers, academics, and food industry professionals as we explore the critical intersections of economics, food production, and the supply chain. 

Expert insights: gain knowledge from leading experts in economics, food production, and supply chain management.
Practical knowledge: learn actionable strategies to implement in your own operations.
Community building: network with peers passionate about creating a sustainable future.

The event is intended to broker links between science, agriculture, and the food, nutrition and health industry, with a target audience of academics, students and early-career researchers across all these fields; stakeholders across the food chain including farmers, agricultural consultants and managers, food manufacturers and product developers, nutrition and health consultants and professionals, marketing and retailers; policy-makers; consumers and public who are seeking evidence-based information around regenerative farming.

Session 1: Economics of regenerative agriculture
Explore how government policies and incentive programs are shaping farm finance. Learn from experts about the broader economic impacts and the potential for sustainable profitability in agriculture.

Government policies and incentives
Farm finance strategies
Economic impact of regenerative practices

Session 2: Food production innovations
Discover cutting-edge practices in food production that prioritize sustainability and health, from advanced pest management techniques to soil health improvement and plant breeding innovations. Gain practical insights that you can apply to enhance productivity while maintaining ecological balance.

Sustainable pest management
Soil health and fertility
Plant breeding for resilience

Session 3: Supply chain dynamics
Understand the complexities of the supply chain in the context of regenerative agriculture. This session addresses everything from processing to retail, emphasizing the importance of a transparent and efficient supply chain that supports sustainable practices. Learn how to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities within the regenerative supply chain.

Processing and value addition
Retail strategies for sustainable products
Supply chain transparency and efficiency

Exhibition and sponsorship

For further information and prices, please email conferences@soci.org.

Call for posters
Contributions are invited from early-stage researchers and PhD students, the objective being to identify posters which best explain the outcomes of the research, and also in the context of the potential application of the results by the industry and consumers. An abstract of maximum 250 words (excluding title, author names, affiliations, references or figure captions) should be sent to conferences@soci.org by Friday 10 January 2025 with the subject line “Getting the food system right - poster submission”. An abstract template can be downloaded here.
There will be voucher prizes of £100 for 1st place and £50 for 2nd place. The 1st place winner will additionally be awarded with the opportunity to publish their poster in JSFA as well as JSFA Reports.
Accessibility Grants

SCI accessibility grants are available to support SCI members with disabilities, long term health conditions, those who require a carer, and members who are nursing parents to attend SCI events. Download an application form to apply for a grant.

Venue and Contact


14/15 Belgrave Square

Conference Team

Tel: +44 (0)20 7598 1561

Email: conferences@soci.org


Delegate fees will be announced in due course.

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Organising committee
Mark Botting, Fruit Advisory Services 
David Cameron, De Sangosse 
James Garratt, Enviresearch 
Louise Manning, University of Lincoln 
Peter Reineck, SCI Agrisciences Group 
David Withall, Rothamsted