16 February 2021

Data, Digitalisation & Artificial Intelligence workshop

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Online Webinar: 14:00 - 15:30 GMT

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Companies succeed by making the right product for the right cost and with the right quality. Digital technologies offer the ability to improve quality, increase productivity, and gain more consistency and greater flexibility.

Industry has always measured performance. As we have acquired the ability to measure multiple aspects of a business, we have learned that once we can measure, we can monitor performance at all levels, and that if we can measure performance, we can seek to improve it.

What we are seeing now is an unprecedented and accelerated pace of change within digitally enabled manufacturing. This is down to the availability of more powerful computers, cheaper and larger data storage solutions, faster and more reliable connectivity and cheaper and more accurate sensors.

Choosing a path through all the available ways to apply digital techniques to your company is hard. SCI is setting up a community where you can learn from those who have already started that journey. This workshop is the start.

The workshop will build from SCI’s Digital design event series, held in 2020. Recordings of these webinars are available below:


Attendance at this event is welcomed from scientists and engineers in industry and academia with experience in developing and implementing digital solutions, as well as researchers and technology directors with an interest in leveraging new technologies to increase productivity in their organisation.

Attendees will need to come to the meeting prepared to actively contribute to the discussions, therefore SCI reserves the right to request additional information about a delegate’s experience in this landscape prior to confirming their place.


This workshop will seek to explore how digital technologies could be leveraged across five main themes for chemistry-using businesses – both now and in the future:

  • New molecules
  • New formulations
  • Existing process optimisation
  • New process optimisation
  • Life cycles


A full programme schedule will be confirmed closer to the event.

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