27 November 2018

Chemistry for Non-Chemists

Organised by:

SCI's Young Chemists' Panel

London, UK


As a fundamental science, chemistry underpins a vast array of academic, industrial and commercial scientific research, however to those without a chemistry background the terminology and concepts can often appear impenetrable and can hinder collaboration. This one day meeting aims to unravel the mysteries of organic and physical organic chemistry through a series of lectures and interactive tutorials. Attendees will develop a deeper understanding of many core fundamental areas of chemistry, overall enhancing their knowledge and improving interdisciplinary interactions.

Participants will start by exploring different types of chemical bonds, how to name and draw organic molecules and will look at different functional groups and how these can dictate the physical properties and reactivity of a molecule. The course will then concentrate on how to predict the shape of a molecule in three dimensions and discuss different types of isomerism for example conformational isomers, enantiomers and diastereomers.

The meeting will then move to look at common organic acids and bases, how to predict whether a molecule will be a strong or weak acid/base from its structure and the factors controlling the ionisation equilibrium. Lastly attendees will examine the relevance of physical properties of organic compounds (e.g. lipophilicity), how these can be estimated and measured as well as how this might affect the distribution of the molecule in the body or other systems.

All lectures will be supported by interactive tutorials allowing the participants to consolidate their understanding and explore the new principles, working through relevant problems guided by a chemistry facilitator from academia or industry.

This event aims to bring together both academic and industry-based scientists who have exposure to aspects of chemistry in their role, working in disciplines such as (but not limited to) biology, biochemistry, DMPK, pharmacy, physics, materials and engineering. It will be pitched at a standard suitable for all career levels from PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to those working in industry at any career point.
09.45 Registration and refreshments
10.15 Lecture 1 - Fundamentals of chemical structures - drawing, naming, reactivity, types of bonding
Prof Joseph Harrity, Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, University of Sheffield
11.15 Lecture 2- Structure and shape of molecules - covalent bonding and shape, conformation, isomers, polarity
Dr Kimberley Roper, Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Birmingham
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Tutorial 1 (covering lectures 1 and 2)
14.00 Lecture 3 - Acids, bases and chemical synthesis - importance of and factors affecting acidity, pKa, what does a synthesis chemist do?
Dr Adam Smalley, Research Scientist, UCB
15.00 Refreshment break
15.30 Lecture 4 - Chemistry in biological systems - impact of chemical properties in biological systems, solubility, permeability, lipophilicity and ionisation
Dr Sam Butterworth, Senior Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Manchester
16.30 Tutorial 2 (covering lectures 3 and 4)
17.15 Networking and refreshments

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14/15 Belgrave Square

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Tel: +44 (0)20 7598 1561

Email: conferences@soci.org


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