29 October 2021

SCI Electrochemical Technology Group AGM and Electrochemical Hydrogen Generation webinar

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SCI's Electrochemical Technology Group

Online Webinar - 15:45 - 17:00hrs

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The SCI Electrochemical Technology Group cordially invite to their 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM will be preceded by a webinar.

From sensors to monitor health, to new low-carbon energy conversion devices, the many applications of electrochemical technology provide significant benefit to society. The Electrochemical Technology Group is involved in all aspects of the application of electrochemical science and engineering which, at its base, is the science of moving electrons through chemical processes.

The webinar on Electrochemical Hydrogen Generation will be given by Dr David Hodgson, Managing Director at TFP Hydrogen Products.

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This event is for members of SCI's Electrochemical Technology Group and people from all career stages working / involved in Electrochemistry, Renewable Energy, and Hydrogen Economy.


Electrochemical Hydrogen Generation Webinar
Dr David Hodgson, Managing Director at TFP Hydrogen Products
Annual General Meeting (AGM)


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