27 October 2021

How to Engage with Millions of People

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Online Webinar 16.00 – 17.00 GMT

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We have a duty to explain and inform society about science because it is the biggest influence on culture today – just look at the impact of the COVID-19 vaccine. The killer question is, how are we going to engage with the public?

Roger Highfield will explore this question through the experiences of the Science Museum Group who engaged with over 5 million visitors in 2019/20 through objects, events, digitisation and by harnessing the power of social media.


Dr Roger Highfield

Science Museum Group

Dr Roger Highfield is the Science Director at the Science Museum Group. A journalist, author and MRC member, he was the first person to bounce a neutron off a soap bubble.
He was the Science Editor of the Daily Telegraph for two decades and the Editor of New Scientist between 2008 and 2011. He has written seven books and had thousands of articles published in newspapers and magazines.

Steve Scott

Public Engagement Lead at UKRI

Steve is a Public Engagement Lead at UK Research and Innovation where his focus is on public engagement with research working with higher education institutions, researchers and public engagement professionals. A main part of this work is establishing a culture and environment where researchers feel empowered, encouraged and supported to engage public groups with their research.

Steve has a particular interest in enabling diverse and underrepresented groups to have opportunities to engage with research. He has led programmes using citizen science and other participatory research methods to enable the public to actively contribute to research and generate new knowledge.

Steve previously worked at the Wellcome Genome Campus near Cambridge, UK working with researchers, staff and students to enable them to engage the public with their research on genomics and biodata. He’s also worked at the Medical Research Council, Sudler & Hennessey and University of Cambridge.

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