22 March 2023

Cultivated meat: from the field via cellular agriculture to the plate

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Online Webinar: 16:00 - 17:00 GMT

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  • Current meat consumption is causing devastating damage to our planet
  • Producing meat takes up 80% of all agricultural land and also contributes to around a fifth of all human-produced greenhouse gases
  • Meat demand will continue to soar as the world's population reaches 10 billion, and our planet will be stretched beyond its limits


In 2006, scientist Mark Post and food technician Peter Verstrate met through a government-funded program exploring the opportunities of cultured meat. After the program ended, Mark and Peter continued to try and make sustainable burgers a reality.

In 2013, they unveiled the world’s first cultured beef burger at a packed press conference in London. Just this one burger took years of research and €250,000 to make and is indistinguishable from the meat you would obtain from a cow, the only difference being that neither animals nor the planet were harmed in the process.


In 2016, Mosa Meat was incorporated and the team of scientists and engineers started to grow. Crucial technical milestones were reached, like adding fat, removing animal components from the production process, and reducing the cost.

In this engaging talk, Dr Mark Post will be talking about his work at Mosa Meat and the ongoing developments and future in this important area of science.


Dr Mark Post

Chief Scientific Officer, Mosa Meat

Mark is the scientist behind the world’s first cultured burger. As a medical doctor by training and having worked on tissue engineering for vascular grafts, he became massively inspired by the possibilities of cultured meat, and co-founded Mosa Meat. The Mosa meat offices and laboratories are based in Maastricht in The Netherlands.

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