28 August - 30 August 2013

NanoteC13 Carbon Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Organised by:

SCI's British Carbon Group

University of Surrey, London, UK

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The 2013 Conference on Nanotechnology in Carbon and Related materials (NanoteC13) will be held at the University of Surrey 28-30 August, including a workshop on widening participation between experimentalists and band structure theoreticians in graphene research.



Uschi Bangert (University of Manchester)
"Ion implantation of graphene - towards IC compatible technologies"

Andrés Botello-Méndez (IMCN-NAPS Université Catholique de Louvain)
"Electronic and transport properties of graphene and related systems from simulations"

Patrick Briddon (University of Newcastle)
"Ten thousand atom cells of carbon with full DFT precision"

Jude Britton (University of Oxford)
"Overcoming the challenges of upscaling CVD graphene"

Barbara Montanari (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)
"Surveying defects in graphene with a combined TEM/DFT approach"

Steve Pennycook (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
"Probing structure, properties and dynamics of nanostructures through transmission electron microscopy"

Leonid Ponomarenko (University of Manchester)
"Graphene superlattices: fabrication and electronic properties"

Karl Coleman (University of Durham)

Ben Robinson (University of Lancaster)

Milo Shaffer (Imperial College London)

Others to be announced.

Venue and Contact

University of Surrey

University of Surrey 
Guilford, UK 
Surrey GU2 7XH 


Registration and accommodation information can be found on here

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 Early registration and abstract deadline: Friday 26th July 2013