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Agri-Food Hub


Do the slogans 'from plough to plate' or even, 'from field to forecourt' mean anything to you? If so, there are around a thousand SCI members who share your interests in agriculture for food, feed, fuel or fibre. Part of what makes SCI unique is its remit to build useful, value-generating science and industry networks.

At SCI, interests in food and agriculture are currently served through five Technical Interest Groups (TIGs): Agrisciences; Horticulture; Lipids; Food; and Environment, Health and Safety. Each of these Groups was established with a distinct remit; yet, in the food and agriculture sector, boundaries between scientific disciplines and commercial interests constantly change. Forging stronger links between these groups and their members makes good sense.

A collaborative approach

The Agri-Food Hub is a portal and forum for sharing knowledge, networking and collaboration between the TIGs involved in this sector. The way in which the Agri-Food Hub works may well evolve, but initially three basic pillars are planned:

  • Online, the focal point will be this webpage connecting the online information resources of the five TIGs. This means that regardless of SCI members' individual TIG selections from this sector, they will be connected to all others by the Hub.
  • Group committees will work together to ensure all events are organised with the full cooperation of one another, so all aspects of the sector are considered. In particular, the TIG Chairs plan to establish an annual SCI Agri-Food conference to address topical issues and ideas.
  • Active members of each group will be encouraged to get to know each other, and their individual areas of expertise and knowledge.

Are you interested?

Food security, quality and safety are high profile areas. The Agri-Food Hub provides access to a valuable network of SCI members involved in all aspects of the food chain stretching from inputs to crop production to food retailing. We welcome anyone from all parts of the sector, with all levels of experience, prepared to contribute ideas, opinions and contacts or organise activities.

The groups especially welcomes younger members who want to diversify their networking, develop connections and organisational and leadership skills, as well as gain new knowledge, which they can take back to their organisations or apply to their research.

Who's involved

  • Dr Alan Baylis, Agrisciences Group Chair
  • Mr Tim White, Environment, Health and Safety Group Chair
  • Mr Tony Girard, Horticulture Group Chair
  • Dr Craig Duckham, Food Group Chair
  • Dr Parkash Kochhar, Lipids Group Chair

Many of the members of these Groups are also involved with this initiative.

How to get involved

Are you are interested in this initiative and want to contribute ideas, opinions, write articles, and/or help with the organisation of activities? Would you like to get involved with the Groups involved with this initiative?

Please contact: SCI's Committee Support on e: committeesupport@soci.org or t: +44(0) 20 7598 1513 for further information about the Groups and the initiative itself.



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