Australia International Group

Established 1999

Message from the Chair

Dr Richard Thwaites


SCI Australia International group is growing in significance via its links and collaboration with Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). The committee meets monthly, usually over dinner in Melbourne, and is actively looking for new members to play an active role in developing what we affectionately call the ‘Antipodean Group’ of SCI.

We have organised site visits, have run a series of ‘industry meets academia seminars and we have developed seminars under the themes of ‘collaboration’ and ‘Education’.

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr John Casey

Secretary and Treasurer

Dr Richard Thwaites


In brief

The Australia International group offers a variety of activities such as lectures and seminars, plant visits, dinners and other social events to provide networking opportunities for members in Australia. The group has a mix of student and full members. 

Although the majority of our group’s members are based in Victoria, the traditional site of the chemical industry – we also have a strong presence in New South Wales, along with members across the country.