Australia International Group

Established 1999

Message from the Chair

Lisa Owens


I am delighted to have been elected as President and Chair of the SCI – Australia International Group.  This appointment is particularly meaningful to me as I am following in the footsteps of my prestigious father, Mr. Martin Henry Owens, who was president of the SCIV (the then Victorian branch), during 1979 and 1983-84, and secretary during 1991-92 and from 1987 to 1998. 

We are enthusiastic about 2023 and, looking forward to participating in face-to-face activities. The SCI Australian team will be working with the RACI, Engineers Australia, and similar industry bodies to develop a schedule of events including site visits, workshops, and seminars. It is also exciting to have the opportunity to revive the Plant of the Year and Student/Early Career awards. 

One of my objectives is to boost the membership of the Australian Group. As a chemical engineer, I appreciate the diversity of information from both industry and academia that SCI offers to its members, and to the public.  

I would like to give thanks and acknowledgement to Dr. Richard Thwaites who is now Immediate Past President, and to John Casey who is retiring from the role of Treasurer and Secretary. In addition, we welcome Theresa Scharbert onto the committee who will, in part, replace Len Sharpe who has stepped down as our NSW representative. My thanks to Len for his contributions.

With a revamped committee, I believe there are exciting times ahead for the SCI Australia Group.

Meet the Committee Officers

Dr Richard Thwaites

Secretary & Treasurer

Lisa Owens


In brief

The Australia International group offers a variety of activities such as lectures and seminars, plant visits, dinners and other social events to provide networking opportunities for members in Australia. The group has a mix of student and full members. 

Although the majority of our group’s members are based in Victoria, the traditional site of the chemical industry – we also have a strong presence in New South Wales, along with members across the country.