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Group News

Nominations for the 2019 Beilby award now open

Beilby Medal

We are pleased to announce that the Nominations for the 2019 Beilby award are now open.

Seligman Travel Bursary Recipient, Pavitra Krishna Kumar, reports from India

Pavitra Krishna Kumar

Pavitra Krishna Kumar was awarded a Seligman APV Travel Bursary to attend the 19th IUFoST World Food Science and Technology Congress in Mumbai, India. Here, she tells us about how she showcased her research to international professionals, improved her knowledge and her career prospects.

Public Evening Lecture: Professor Paul Workman – Defeating Cancer: Progress and Challenges

paul workman pel image

At his Public Evening Lecture, on Wednesday 27 February 2019, Professor Paul Workman will discuss how outcomes will be improved for cancer patients in the future, including developments in early detection, accurate diagnosis and prevention, new therapies for control and cure, and the impact of AI.

Messel Travel Bursary recipient, Fahima Idiris, reports from Boston, USA

Fahima Idiris

Fahima Idiris was awarded a Messel Travel Bursary to attend the 256th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, Boston, USA. Here she tells us about her research, the interesting talks she attended, how she increased her network of contacts and improved her oral presentation skills as well as the opportunity to talk to recruiters about potential future career paths.

Messel Travel Bursary recipient, Sean Ellacott, reports from Boston

Sean Ellacott

Sean Ellacott was awarded a Messel Travel Bursary to attend the 256th ACS National Meeting in Boston, USA. Here he tells us what an excellent training opportunity it was, helping him to develop his presentation and communication skills as well as his problem-solving skills – deciding which talk to attend of the many interesting ones available!

Journal Highlights October 2018


SCI's peer-reviewed journals provide commentary articles and research studies undertaken by top scientists in emerging areas while addressing global audiences by crossing academic, industrial, government and science policy sectors.

Platinum breaks strongest carbon bond

ISS beamline

A new platinum (Pt) catalyst can break one of the strongest chemical bonds known – the carbon-fluorine bond – which could lead to breakthroughs in chemical synthesis and environmental pollution clean-up.

New system speeds up biopharma production


Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, have developed a portable drug manufacturing system that can make several different biopharmaceuticals to be used in precision medicine or to treat outbreaks in developing countries.

Interview: DSA recipient Dr Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Dr Kevin Smith is one of this year’s three recipients of SCI’s Distinguished Service Awards (DSA). He joined SCI in 1989 and is a committee member of SCI’s Lipids group. Here, Kevin describes his involvement and experiences at SCI.