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Group News

Bright SCIdea Challenge

Bright SCIdea 2018

SCI is launching a national student innovation competition, aiming to enhance the business acumen of young scientists and explore ideas for the new industrial strategy.

McBain Medal 2017: Watching Colloids Work, event preview

McBain Medal 2017: Watching Colloids Work Tuesday 12 December 2017

This year, Dr Rico Tabor from Monash University has been awarded the McBain medal for his work on surfactants and responsive colloidal systems.

Tropical Oils - Production, Applications, Nutritional and Health Aspects, preview

cocoa_tropical oils event 2017

SCI’s Lipids Group in collaboration with Benelux Lipid Network & EFL are pleased to present this one day conference, to look at the applications, health aspects and sustainability of tropical oils.

24th Annual Review Meeting: Emerging concepts and techniques in organic synthesis

24th Annual Review Meeting: Emerging concepts and techniques in organic synthesis Wednesday 6 December 2017

SCI’s Young Chemists’ Panel is pleased to present the 24th Annual Review Meeting, which will address key areas of contemporary synthetic organic chemistry.

Ferrous Metals in Historic Structures, event preview

Ferrous Metals in Historic Structures Event 2017

This autumn, SCI’s Construction Materials group will study the historical context of iron and steel production and usage, in a one-day seminar that introduces the chemical and microstructural properties which have made them such important structural materials over the years.

Testing and Analysis of Concrete - update on precision and accuracy, event preview

Testing and Analysis of Concrete - update on precision and accuracy 16 November 2017

This autumn SCI’s Construction Materials Group is pleased to present an afternoon event to discuss findings from the latest precision experiment for the analysis of hardened concrete.

Castner Medal and Lecture 2017: interview with Professor Frank Walsh

Castner Medal

SCI's Electrochemical Technology Group is pleased to announce that Professor Frank Walsh is recipient of the Castner Medal and Lecture 2017. Here he talks about the topic for his lecture; Developments in Electrodes and Electrochemical Cell Design.

Rideal Travel Bursary recipient, Jun Dong, reports from Manchester, UK

Jun Dong

Jun Dong was awarded a Rideal Travel Bursary in May 2017 to attend the conference UK Colloids 2017 in Manchester from the 10 to 12 July. Hear her experiences, attending the event and having the opportunity to take advantage of the excellent talks available at the conference.

SCI Environment Medal and Lecture – Is it possible to measure soil quality?

Professor Stephen Nortcliff

SCI’s Environment Health and Safety Group are pleased to announce that Professor Stephen Nortcliff will receive the SCI Environment Medal at an event held in his honour on Tuesday 28 November 2017.

Food and water microbiology: rapid confirmation using MALDI-TOF, event preview

Food, water and pharma microbiology: - Rapid confirmation using MALDI-TOF II Tuesday 28 November 2017

On Tuesday 28 November 2017, SCI in collaboration with the RSC will present a one-day conference focused on the developments of food and water applications of MALDI TOF technology.