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Group News

Apply now - SCI Travel Bursaries 2016 open for application

Travel - Plane Engine

If you are travelling to a conference or planning a study visit in 2016 and are in need of funds have you considered applying for an SCI Travel Bursary? You could get up to £1500 to support you with travel costs.

Prof Robert Brown highlights focus on ion-exchange catalysts for IEX 2016

IEX 2016

Ion-exchange resins have held an almost unique place in the arsenal of solid catalysts available for chemists and chemical engineers. Over twenty years ago M M Sharma listed over 300 reactions where they show useful activity and at IEX 2016 two sessions will be devoted to application in catalysis.

Gaia - creating the first 3D census of the Milky Way

First Star shines for Gaia

At a talk organised by the SCI Cambridge and Great Eastern Group at Cambridge University on 19 November 2015, Prof Gilmore, FRS of the Cambridge University Institute of Astronomy and UK Principle Investigator for Gaia, explained how the Gaia Mission will enable a 6-D map of the Milky Way.

SCI Scholars turn into entrepreneurs

College of Scholars Day

The 2015 College of Scholars day was held on 2 December 2015. This year we introduced a workshop challenge, whereby participants were asked to plan an event or activity to promote SCI to their colleagues and network of contacts on returning back to work or study.

Are Farmers Bee Aware

On Wednesday the 10 February 2016, SCI’s Public Evening Lecture will enter the debate over the use of neonicotinoids by farmers to support sustainable faring. The lecture will be delivered by Mr Guy Smith, Vice President of the National Farming Union (NFU).

Public Lecture Prof Kevin Harrington - video now available

Virus Infected Cells

SCI welcomed Prof Kevin Harrington to present a Public Evening Lecture on Turning Poachers into Gamekeepers: Using Viruses to Treat Cancer on 11 November 2015. The video of the lecture is now available to view.

DSA and Lampitt Nominations 2016 - Submit Your Nomination by 19 February 2016

DSA and Lampitt Awards

SCI has two prestigious Society Awards that are awarded to members who have made a significant contribution to SCI. The Lampitt Medal honours members who have given their own gifts of time, leadership, vision and enthusiasm to more than one area of the Society's activities. The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is given to members of the Society who have contributed significant and sustained service to at least one element in the SCI structure for ten years or more.

Prof Lovestone lecture - video now available

Big Data

SCI welcomed Prof Simon Lovestone to present a Public Evening Lecture on whether big Data offers a possible solution for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease on 13 October 2015. |The video of the lecture is now available.

Fireworks and Waterworks


Dr Andy Szydlo gave his fantastic Bonfire Night Spectacular Chemistry lecture - ‘Fireworks and Waterworks’ - on the 5 November at the University of Cambridge. The event was held by the SCI Cambridge and Great Eastern Group, and Dr Szydlo dazzled, entertained and educated his audience with a series of spectacular science demonstrations, including some new ones.

Messel Travel Bursary Recipient, Oscar Méndez-Lucio, Reports from Boston

Oscar Mendez-Lucio

Oscar Méndez-Lucio was awarded a Messel Travel Bursary in 2015. Here, he describes how his attendance at the 250th ACS National Meeting, held between 16 - 20 August 2015, in Boston, USA, gave him the opportunity to meet with world-leading chemists as well as chemical industrialists and students.