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Group News

Weekly roundup 20/01/2017

Falcon9, the SpaceX rocket that successfully launched and landed this week.

The latest science and innovation news.

CRISPR gene editing: GM or not?

The CRISPR-associated endonuclease Cas9 can be targeted to specific genomic loci by single guide RNAs (sgRNAs).

CRISPR is the new genome editing tool that could transform the fields of biology, medicine, agriscience, and biotechnology, among others but remains contentious. Derek Holloman, a committee member of SCI's Agriscience group, takes a look at one area of importance.

Theresa May reveals plan for Brexit negotiations

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the UK.

Theresa May today gave the clearest indication yet of her plan for the negotiations that will see the UK leave the European Union. She outlined twelve priorities for the UK and made clear the significance of the UK’s science and innovation base for future success.

Weekly roundup 13/01/2017

Spider silk, the inspiration behind the latest 'click-chemistry' development.

The latest science and innovation news.

DSA and Lampitt Nominations 2017 - Submit Your Nomination by 13 March 2017

Lampitt Medal

SCI has two prestigious Society Awards that are awarded to members who have made a significant contribution to SCI. The Lampitt Medal honours members who have given their own gifts of time, leadership, vision and enthusiasm to more than one area of the Society's activities. The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is given to members of the Society who have contributed significant and sustained service to at least one element in the SCI structure for ten years or more.

Weekly roundup 06/01/2017

The power station at Tuticorin, where captured carbon is being used to make baking powder.
The news from science and industry this week.

SCI College of Scholars’ Day 2016

College of Scholars Day 2016

The 2016 SCI College of Scholars’ Day was held on 29 November at SCI, London. Around 20 early career members from different parts of the UK attended the event. Some even journeyed from as far as Aberdeen, enduring overnight coach travel! They participated in workshops, engaged in skills presentations, and heard about the SCI initiatives which they could be involved in. All those who attended were formally enrolled into the College of Scholars and given certificates to mark their achievement.

The role of science and innovation in post-Brexit - review

The panel of industrialist at SCI's Industrial Strategy debate

What should the UK’s Industrial Strategy look like? What should be the priorities? Can the UK retain its reputation for talent and research? Could innovation be the silver bullet for the UK’s post-Brexit economy? On 7 December 2016, more than 130 delegates from industry gathered to discuss these issues and celebrate the 90th anniversary of ICI, the former British company that filed more than 33,000 patents and helped create the pharmaceutical, agriscience, and materials sectors.

Weekly roundup 09/12/2016

Orchid Mantis
The latest science and innovation news.