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Group News

Weekly roundup 02/06/2017

Ice shelf at Larsen C, Antarctica.

The latest news in science and technology.

SCI AGM 2017 Voting now open

red vote button

We are pleased to say that we have seen strong interest from a wide range of members who wish to participate in SCI's governance. As there are more candidates than positions for Ordinary Members of the Board of Trustees there will be an election.

SCI Members’ Discount on BCPC and European REACH Congress 2017

SCI is delighted to support two events organised by TSGE Forum and has secured a 10% member discount off the registration rate for the BCPC Congress 2017 and the European REACH Congress 2017.

Lord David Willetts: Securing the UK’s future industrial success

Lord David Willetts

 A review of Lord David Willetts' Public Evening Lecture at SCI.

Weekly roundup 19/05/2017

The UK General Election is on June 8th.

 A roundup of science and innovation news in the run up to the UK's General Election.

Weekly roundup 05/05/2017

3D printing has revolutionised the world.

 The latest news in science and innovation.

SCI Elections 2017: thinking of standing?

Nominations now open.

The process is now open for members to put themselves forward as candidates for election to a number of roles in governance.

Weekly roundup 21/04/2017

PET scans of a healthy brain and one suffering from Alzherimer's.

 The latest news in science and innovation.


AGM 2017: nominations open

Vote in SCI's AGM 2017
Information on the new nominations process for SCI's 2017 AGM.

SCI Seminar: Where Science Meets Business at RACI Centenary Congress

SCI Seminar: Where Science Meets Business at RACI Centenary Congress

SCI will host a three-day seminar at RACI 100 on the practical aspects surrounding the interface between chemistry and commercialisation – taking science from the lab to market.