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London Group Events

For past events organised by this group, please visit the Events area.

The archive of the London Group Programme cards can be found here.

Other Events of Interest

3D Printing in Biomedical Sciences

05 Jun 2018, Biotechnology Group

Electrochem 2018

16 - 18 Sep 2018, Electrochemical Technology Group

Designing Safer Medicines III

15 Oct 2018, Fine Chemicals Group

Highlights in Medicinal Chemistry III

16 Oct 2018, Fine Chemicals Group

Young Chemist in Industry 2018

05 Nov 2018, Young Chemists' Panel

2nd SCI/RSC Symposium on Antimicrobial Drug Discovery

12 - 13 Nov 2018, Fine Chemicals Group

Chemistry for Non-Chemists

27 Nov 2018, Young Chemists' Panel

Modern Developments in Organic Synthesis

03 Dec 2018, Young Chemists' Panel

36th SCI Process Development Symposium

27 - 29 Mar 2019, Fine Chemicals Group

SCI Headquarters Events

SCI Ambassadors' Day 2018

21 Jun 2018, SCI Headquarters Led

SCI's 137th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

04 Jul 2018, SCI Headquarters Led

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