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Group News

Chemistry Council launches Strategy

Chemistry Council

Delivering innovation-based growth is at the heart of the Chemistry Council’s new strategy for the chemicals sector, to be launched today.

Nominations for the 2019 Beilby award now open

Beilby Medal

We are pleased to announce that the Nominations for the 2019 Beilby award are now open.

Event Review: The Mary-Rose and the Dynamic Duo

Mary Rose

The second annual Joint Meeting of the SCI London Regional Group and Institute of Corrosion, London Branch with the SCI London Group was held at SCI-HQ on 25th Oct 2018. There were two separate presentations - “A Fighting Ship” and “Fighting Corrosion”

Budget 2018: What you need to know

Philip Hammond

Business and research at forefront of Chancellor’s plan to improve the UK’s productivity, as laid out in the Autumn Budget 2018.

2019 McBain Medal & Lecture – Last Call for Nominations

McBain Medal Meeting 2018 - Making and breaking colloidal assemblies: using chemical, physical, and mechanical stimuli to control soft matter Tuesday 11 December 2018

The McBain Medal and Lecture is an early-career award for researchers and technologists working in the UK on colloid and interface science.

Journal Highlights October 2018


SCI's peer-reviewed journals provide commentary articles and research studies undertaken by top scientists in emerging areas while addressing global audiences by crossing academic, industrial, government and science policy sectors.

Last call for 2019 Ramsay Fellowship Applications

Sir William Ramsay

Do you know a postdoctoral chemist with an innovative research idea? Are they in the early stages of their career? If that could be you, keep reading.

UK food industry intensifies its search for Brexit answers

The UK is invoking Article 50 today.

Organised by independent global resource New Food, the goal of Food Brexit 2018 is to provide a final platform for the food industry to seek answers to essential questions raised by Brexit, and to coordinate an industry-wide response.

Molecule now released! 6th National SCI/RSC Retrosynthesis Competition

6th National Retrosynthesis Competition Friday 15 March 2019

The 6th National SCI/RSC Retrosynthesis Competition is back and is here to showcase the calibre of UK chemists from both industry and academia, and provide a platform for them to demonstrate their retrosynthetic and forward synthetic prowess!

Platinum breaks strongest carbon bond

ISS beamline

A new platinum (Pt) catalyst can break one of the strongest chemical bonds known – the carbon-fluorine bond – which could lead to breakthroughs in chemical synthesis and environmental pollution clean-up.