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Group News

Day of Science and Careers 2015

Day of Careers and Science 2015

The annual SCI Day of Science and Careers event, held on Monday 27 April at SCI in London, was again a very successful event and several participants thanked us for organizing the meeting.

Agrisciences Group welcomes new committee members


SCI Agrisciences Group’s AGM will take place on Tuesday 19 May at Belgrave Square. The group welcomes any prospective new committee members prepared to contribute ideas, opinions and contacts or organise activities and attend meetings.

Day of Science and Careers 2015 Presentations now available


Day of Science and Careers 2015 was held on Monday 27 April at SCI in London, and had over 35 attendees. Some of the presentations are now available to view.

Awards: Recognition and Support for SCI Members

Clapping Hands

Each year, SCI offers awards in the form of Travel Bursaries, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards to recognise excellence and nurture dedication in the various and multidisciplinary fields represented by SCI members.

George Bessey Award Lecture 2016

The George Bessey Award Lecture was presented by Mr John Richardson as part of the SCI Construction Materials Group AGM on Thursday 19 May 2016.

Making Concrete Greener Conference Papers

cement kilns

Making Concrete Greener was a half day meeting held on Friday 17 April at SCI.

Election 2015 – Have Your Say

Jack Melling

As I write this, nominations have been submitted to the independent scrutineers. SCI Members now have important decisions to make with so many elective offices to be filled. This is our opportunity to decide what we want SCI to be.

Public Evening Lecutre: Prof Geoffrey Maitland - a review

Geoffrey Maitland with Jack Melling

There is currently great debate over the use of fossil fuels and whether we can continue to use them without causing catastrophic climate change. Geoffrey Maitland, IChemE President and Professor of Energy Engineering at Imperial College London, spoke about this topic at a recent public lecture at SCI.

Public Lecture Prof Geoffrey Maitland - video now available

Prof Maitland Public Lecture - Fossil Fuels

SCI welcomed Prof Geoffrey Maitland to present a Public evening lecture on Fossil fuels and avoiding climate change on 26 March 2015. Prof Maitland reviewed how the energy landscape might evolve over the decades ahead and the challenges we will face if we are to continue, as we must, to use fossil fuels well into the second half of this century.

2015 SCI Elections: Challenges for Candidates

red post box

Like other similar societies we face significant challenges in the next few years to recruit and, importantly, retain members; particularly active members. SCI Members are encouraged to put themselves forward for election as Trustees or Standing Committee Members to steer the long-term direction of the society and contribute their experience and ideas to shaping its future.