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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

The SCI motto is 'Where Science meets Business'. The London Regional Group Committee includes bench scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, retired alumni and a complete range of scientists working in business and industry.

SCI has always been at the forefront of producing the jobs of tomorrow, as well as perhaps the controversies and tensions of that age, across the ethical, environmental and economic spectrums.

The London Regional Group, for instance, was founded in the 1880s by Sir Frederick Abel, the inventor of cordite. Much as Nobel wrestled with his legacy and conscience with that other explosive, dynamite; SCI spread across the nascent chemical industry of the world. Not that much later, researchers meeting at an American branch of SCI founded a company known ever since as Monsanto.

Through the publications and conferences of SCI we maintain our position as one of the premiere sources of scientific information for the specialist and the layman.

Many of the debates and benefits of science today will have similarly passed through the ideas machine that is SCI at some point. The London Regional Group has an almost peerless position to act as a fulcrum, focussed as it is within this great city, with access to the places of government, more than 60 universities, headquarters of some of the largest industrial companies in the world, and a plethora of museums, galleries, and other learned societies.

I look forward to seeing more of our Members at the regular meetings and lectures we organise throughout the year.

SCI London Group

Committee biographies and photographs


Dr Nicholas Bourne

Fred Parrett

Dr Fred Parrett

 Julian Perfect

Mr Julian Perfect

Ordinary Members:

Mrs Susan Grayeff

 Claire Skipper

Dr Claire Skipper

 Weiping Wu Dr Weiping Wu

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