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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

Dear Scotland Group Member,

The SCI Scotland Group has a diverse membership, which is reflective of the industry present in Scotland, where the chemical sciences sector accounts for 17% of Scotland’s total exports.

Throughout the year the Scotland group supports and organises a range of events, from the successful ‘Day of Science and Careers’, to a PhD student writing competition, and more specialised local conferences. We also organise the prestigious Tennant Award and Lister Memorial lectures, recognising eminent scientists working in the chemical sciences. We aim to foster links between employees within the science sector and academia alike, supporting and providing events for students and early career researchers in addition to those more established in their fields. 

We look forward to welcoming more members to the SCI Scotland Group and to our events!

Kind regards,

Sarah Walker 
Scotland Group

If you are interested in finding out more about what the Scotland Group has to offer, would like to become involved in our activities or join the committee, please contact SCI's Committee Support on E: committeesupport@soci.org or T: +44(0) 20 7598 1513.

Committee biographies and photographs


Dr Sarah Walker 


Ms Louise Mason


Dr RuAngelie Edrada-Ebel

Ordinary Members:
Stuart Reid, RS Industry Fellow

Prof Stuart Reid

Jenny Mordue

Prof Jenny Mordue

Tiffany Wood

Dr Tiffany Wood

Angelica Orsi

Ms Angelica Orsi

Jan Ramakers

Dr Jan Ramakers

Marc Reid, Messel Travel Bursary winner

Dr Marc Reid


Prof Philip Whitfield


Ms Navneeta Katyan


Mr Elijah Nazarzadeh


Ms Emem Udoh


Ms Ivalina Minova


Ms Robyn Plaice-Inglis


Ms Ife Bolaji


Ms Priscila Valverde-Amas

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