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Agrisciences Group


SCI's Agrisciences Group covers the production, protection and utilisation of crops for food and non-food products. The group is a unique multidisciplinary network involved in all aspects of food security and the bioeconomy. We aim to cover contemporary agricultural science and agribusiness interests.


The group and, particularly, the Committee, welcome enthusiastic new members with knowledge, opinions and connections to share. We especially welcome new members at early stages in their careers who are keen to network and learn about wider career options, as well as keep up to date on topical matters. It is a good chance to make your mark in a different environment to work or university. So if you would like to join the Agrisciences Group Committee, contact SCI's Committee Support on e: committeesupport@soci.org or t: +44(0) 20 7598 1513.

  • Agrisciences Group has joined with other SCI groups in the Agriculture, Horticulture and Food sectors to form an Agri-Food Hub. More.

Group Key Facts.


The Group has teamed up with other agriscience and business organisations also working in food security and biorenewables to help promote forthcoming events.


If you are looking for a way to become more involved with SCI, you might want to consider becoming one of our active volunteers.

SCI volunteers work at the heart of SCI. As a volunteer, you will create and strengthen your skills, interact with people from different backgrounds, gather new and experiences and build your confidence and credibility.

Find out more about some of the work of SCI volunteers:

Jade Owen joined SCI in 2011. She was elected as an ordinary member of the Agrisciences Committee in 2012. She became the Social media co-ordinator of the Agrisciences Group in 2015. Jade is an Analytical Scientist at Intertek Melbourn and recently finished her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Hertfordshire. more

Callie Seaman joined SCI in 2010. She was elected as an ordinary member of the Agrisciences (former BioResources) Committee in 2012. In 2014, she was also elected to the Early Careers Support Sub Committee. Callie is Director of Aqualabs Ltd. more

Relevant SCI Journals

The following SCI journals are relevant to members of the Agrisciences Group:

SCI members are entitled to receive Chemistry and Industry (C&I) magazine direct to their door.C&I magazine includes articles on a host of interesting articles. More.

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