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    10 things you should know about SCI Agrisciences Group

    1. SCI Agrisciences Group is the new name for SCI’s Technical Interest Group for all members with involvement or interests in agriculture.
    2. Agrisciences Group covers all aspects of the science and business of agriculture, especially crop production, protection and utilisation for food and non-food uses. More information about the scope and activities of the group can be found on our webpages.
    3. A multidisciplinary committee of about 20 is the core of the group. Afternoon meetings are held quarterly when we discuss topical issues, usually following a seminar, and coordinate the pipeline of conferences and activities. The committee welcomes enthusiastic experienced and younger members alike. Interviews with David Stock, Irene Mueller Harvey, and Robin Blake are available on our website to give you an insight into the expertise of our group.
    4. Agrisciences Group organises several conferences every year. Recent topics have included Biorationals, Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture, Uptake across the leaf cuticle and skin, Processing biomass, Insect declineBioplastics and Funding new ventures.
    5. Recently, the Agrisciences committee made a contribution to the call from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills for input into the development of an Agri-Tech Strategy. We are represented on HM Government Chief Scientist's Food Research Partnership and we have contributed to Inside Government events.
    6. SCI Young Researchers in Agrisciences is the group's annual interdisciplinary event where PhD students and postdoc researchers present their work.
    7. A number of SCI-Wiley scientific journals are associated with the group including Pest Management Science, Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, and BioFPR (Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining). Several committee members sit on journal editorial boards alongside prominent members of the international scientific community. We frequently contribute to C&I magazine.
    8. The Agri-Food Hub links BioResources to other SCI Technical Interest Groups with interests in the wider sector. The Hub organised a conference on solutions to waste in the Agri-Food chain, Waste Not, Want Not, in March 2013. The previous topic was Biofortified and Functional Food.
    9. Partners in our external network involved in collaborating on events include The Royal Society of Chemistry, AGRI-net, Cambridge Partnership for Plant Sciences, Aqua-Enviro, NNFCC, and the Association of Applied Biologists.
    10. Find us on social media: Agrisciences Group has active groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. New members and contributions to the information and discussion on these open online groups are welcome.

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