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Meet the Committee

Robin Blake

Chair's message

Welcome from Dr Robin Blake, Chair of the SCI Agrisciences Group:

On behalf of the SCI Agrisciences Group Committee, I would like to welcome you to our web pages. SCI Agrisciences is an active group organising conferences, initiatives for younger people, online networking and collaborating with various external organisations. We cover all sectors of agrisciences including crop protection, soils, water and plant nutrition, plant science and breeding, animal physiology and nutrition, precision farming and non-food plant products. We have close links to other SCI groups in the Agri-Food Hub and three SCI-Wiley scientific journals: Pest Management Science, Biofpr and the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture with articles drawn from our events regularly appearing in these publications and on the SCI website.

World agriculture faces significant challenges to provide food security for the burgeoning population and to provide animal feed, fuel, fibre and many other materials too, from drugs to plastics. There is a clear need to share knowledge across networks founded on scientific rigour, and the SCI Agrisciences Group is well-placed to contribute. Our stakeholders include those in the science-based agricultural community, the food chain industries, players involved in the bioeconomy, the education sector and the media, and we also welcome interaction with policy formers and regulators, and the public at large.

SCI is a forward-looking interdisciplinary organisation connecting industry and academia at all levels throughout the world. I encourage you to introduce your colleagues and acquaintances to the Society, and contact membership@soci.org for details on how to join SCI.

Please also consider putting your name forward to join the Agrisciences Group Committee - we are always keen to welcome enthusiastic new Members.

Dr Robin Blake,
SCI Agrisciences Group

Committee biographies and photographs


Dr Robin Blake

 Jeraime Griffiths

Dr Jeraime Griffith


Dr Liliya Serazetdinova

Ordinary Members:
 Alan Baylis Dr Alan Baylis
 Martin Collison1

Mr Martin Collison

David Evans

Dr David Evans


Dr James Fountaine


Dr James Garratt

  Dr Derek Holloman
  Prof Richard Hopkins
  Dr Kathryn Knight

Prof Graham Matthews

  Ms Suzanne Partridge (Early Careers Forum Representative)
Peter Reineck
Mr Peter Reineck
  Ms Cassie Sims (Early Careers Forum Representative)
 Andreas Soteriades Dr Andreas Soteriades
 Sokrates1 Dr Sokratis Stergiadis

Dr Richard Wilkins

  Dr David Withall

Dr Sokratis Stergiadis
Dr Sokratis Stergiadis
Dr Sokratis Stergiadis
Dr Sokratis Stergiadis
Dr Sokratis Stergiadis
Dr Sokratis Stergiadis

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