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Biotechnology Group


The 21st Century has been described as the Century of Bioscience and the Golden Age of Biotechnology. Biotechnology is variously sub-divided into several colours which are highlighted in the illustration below, covering far-reaching applications in healthcare, the environment, marine resources and the industrial production of energy and materials. Recent years have seen rapid growth in Biotechnology which now provides employment for 22 million people in Europe alone. Future expectations remain high anticipating breakthrough technologies in our ability to treat disease, reduce our environmental footprint, increase our food security, and make useful products.

Current projects in Biotechnology:

SCI's Biotechnology Steering group, comprising Alan Baylis, Jan Ramakers, David Witty, and Sharon Todd, is working to ensure that the Biotechnology forums and events are focused on: groundbreaking technologies, areas of common interest to the different flavours of Biotechnology, and influencing the direction of the Bioeconomy.

3D Printing event – Venue: SCI, London – Tuesday 5 June 2018 from 18:00

In this free evening meeting, guest speakers from UCL, Loughborough and Imperial College will describe how they are using 3D Printing technology to augment their research in a chemistry and pharmaceutical setting.

Confirmed Speakers
  • Julian Jones, Imperial College
  • Stephen Hilton, UCL
  • Steve Christie, Loughborough University

This is a FREE event but booking is advisable. For more information and to register, please see our events page.

Bioeconomy Forum – Venue: SCI, London – Date to be confirmed

Accelerating the UK move towards a Bioeconomy:
This event will discuss the factors involved in creating a bioeconomy, its place in the UK and the influence a bioeconomy will have on other industry.

More details and a confirmed programme will be available shortly.

Precisions Medicine Meeting –  Venue: Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge – 2 Day Meeting

Planning is underway for this 2-day conference in Spring 2019, which will incorporate everything from imaging, drug delivery, targeted therapeutics, and more.

More details and a confirmed programme will be available in due course.


The Biotechnology Technical Interest Group of SCI brings together a membership covering all biotechnology sectors from Bioprocessing to Biomaterials and drawn from Business, Industry and Academia. Following SCI’s motto of where Science meets Business we aim to promote interest in the development and application of biotechnology in the broadest sense among practitioners and the general public We aim to provide a forum where scientists, business leaders, regulators, and members of the general public may meet to network, learn and be informed through a regular schedule of meetings and conferences.


SCI members are eligible for free membership of the European Federation for Biotechnology, which is one of SCI's collaborator organisations.


If you are looking for a way to become more involved with SCI, you might want to consider becoming one of our active volunteers.

SCI volunteers work at the heart of SCI. As a volunteer, you will create and strengthen your skills, interact with people from different backgrounds, gather new and experiences and build your confidence and credibility. Contact membership@soci.org for more information.

Relevant SCI Journals

We have close links to the Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology co-published by SCI and John Wiley.

SCI members are entitled to receive Chemistry and Industry (C&I) magazine direct to their door.C&I magazine includes articles on a host of interesting articles. More.

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