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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

I'm delighted to have been elected to the position of Chair of SCI's Electrochemical Technology Technical Group. I follow some very distinguished predecessors and I hope I can do justice to the role. I'd like to thank Chike for his efforts over the last four years and particularly the last 12 months, combining the role of Chair and local organiser of Electrochem.

It's probably appropriate for me to introduce myself for for those that don't know me. I started my working life in ICI's Electrochemical Technology Business and was involved in a whole range of electrochemical processes over a 20 year period. In particular, I really enjoyed my time developing new anode catalysts for the chlor-alkali process and leading a new venture in fuel cell materials. I decided to leave ICI for try-out life in the world of venture capital backed spin-outs and joined first Metalysis as CTO and then AIC Labs Europe as European CTO and CEO of the Plurion subsidiary. All this has given me great experience and I now run my own company, Vallontia, providing management, commercial and technical support to companies, universities and government.

In my position I get the opportunity to see how electrochemical technology adds greatly to benefit society. From sensors to monitor health, to new low-carbon energy conversion devices, electrochemical technology plays a significant and pivotal role. Within the electrochemical technology community we have already seen some fantastic companies emerge and more will do so. We also have some innovative approaches to exploitation being evaluated, such as the Electrochemical Innovation Lab at UCL that I'm proud to be a part of. But, there is much to do in this area and it is perhaps the area I would like to focus on during my term as Chair.

The committee have some actions to see how we take the Group forward, which should make for an interesting time over the next few years. Please feel free to get in touch, particularly if you'd like to get involved in the Group's activities. I can be contacted through the SCI Members' Directory or via SCI's Committee Support on e: committeesupport@soci.org or t: +44(0) 20 7598 1513..

Dr Pauline Allen, 
Chair, Electrochemical Technology Group

Committee biographies and photographs


Dr Pauline Allen


Dr Mohamed Mamlouk


Dr Christopher Jones

Ordinary Members:

Dr Gek (Kim) Chandler


Mr Simon Coleman


Dr David Hodgson


Mr Christopher Jones

Chike F Oduoza

Dr Chike Oduoza


Dr Edward Roberts


Prof Sudipta Roy


Dr Nicholas van Dijk


Prof Frank Walsh

David Walton

Prof David Walton


Prof Anthony Wragg

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