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Group News

RNAi technology in crop production

Moore Township, Northampton County.

Dr Alan Baylis looks at the technology commonly known as gene silencing

Bright SCIdea Challenge

What's your bright SCIdea? 22-23 February 2018

SCI is launching a national student innovation competition, aiming to enhance the business acumen of young scientists and explore ideas for the new industrial strategy.

Sense About Science: latest events and activities

sense about science logo

SCI is pleased to bring you news from our Collaborative Partner Sense About Science. Sense About Science works with scientists and members of the public to change public debates and to equip people to make sense of science and evidence. Find out about the latest events and activities.

You're Hired 2017 - event preview

You're Hired 2017 Wednesday 29 November 2017

On Wednesday 29 November SCI is pleased to present You’re Hired 2017, a free event aimed at successful preparation for job interviews and career development.

Bioeconomy and offshore renewable energy show promise in North and Scotland, say SIAs


New Science & Innovation Audits review bioeconomy and offshore renewable energy in Northern regions of UK.

Sir John Beddington addresses global sustainability

Sir John Beddington presents the Sydney Andrew Lecture

Sir John Beddington, Senior Adviser at the Oxford Martin School and former Chief Scientific Adviser to UK government, gave a wide-ranging talk on global challenges in sustainability at SCI on Wednesday 20 September, the inaugural Sydney Andrew Lecture.

Castner Medal and Lecture 2017: interview with Professor Frank Walsh

Castner Medal

SCI's Electrochemical Technology Group is pleased to announce that Professor Frank Walsh is recipient of the Castner Medal and Lecture 2017. Here he talks about the topic for his lecture; Developments in Electrodes and Electrochemical Cell Design.

SCI Environment Medal and Lecture – Is it possible to measure soil quality?

Professor Stephen Nortcliff

SCI’s Environment Health and Safety Group are pleased to announce that Professor Stephen Nortcliff will receive the SCI Environment Medal at an event held in his honour on Tuesday 28 November 2017.

Food and water microbiology: rapid confirmation using MALDI-TOF, event preview

Food, water and pharma microbiology: - Rapid confirmation using MALDI-TOF II Tuesday 28 November 2017

On Tuesday 28 November 2017, SCI in collaboration with the RSC will present a one-day conference focused on the developments of food and water applications of MALDI TOF technology.

Water treatment scientists turn focus to microplastics

Microplastics: illustration adapted from the Story of Stuff Project

Microplastics are the subject of a forthcoming workshop organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry.