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Group News

News rules for CBD


People are being asked to exercise caution using products containing CBD.

Detecting the leaks

Carbon emissions

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) requires an unprecedented effort to store gigatonnes of carbon dioxide in the earth’s subsurface.

PoliSCI (w/e 27 March 2020)


PoliSCI (w/e 27 March 2020)

Sustainable development can benefit from AI

Artificial intelligence

The final article in this series on artificial intelligence (AI) and policy considers research that highlights the great potential in helping the world reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

COVID-19: UK consortium will monitor spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus medical illustration

As the Covid-19 outbreak increases pressure on the UK’s NHS services and frontline staff, leading scientists are taking on new initiatives to tackle the outbreak.

Moving to renewables

Farming land

Renewable feedstock is central to the chemical industry’s goal of sustainability.

SCI's coronavirus statement

In light of developments in relation to COVID-19 and efforts around the world to control its spread, I am providing an update on SCI’s response

Societal decisions could impact water quality

earth in drop shape from on two hand

The United Nations’ World Water Day takes place on the 22 March every year, the aim being to focus attention on the importance of water.

COVID-19: Coronavirus strategies shifted following epidemiologists' report

Coronavirus medical illustration

Coronavirus strategies shifted following epidemiologists’ report.

Human behaviour and sustainability

Rubbish for recycling

Today is Global Recycling Day, raising awareness about projects, innovation and initiatives which focus on the sustainable and inclusive development of recycling.