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Group News

Purvis Memorial Award Recipient, Jon Hantho

Purvis Memorial Award

The 2013 winner of the Purvis Memorial Award is Jon Hantho for strengthening the Canadian chemical industry.

Kalev Pugi Award Recipient, R Tom Baker


2013 winner of the SCI Canada Kalev Pugi Award is R. Tom Baker for his exceptional achievements in research and development.

We should do more to combat food fraud


The UK has seen a steady decline in funding and resources available for food sampling and analysis in the last decade. This means that the number of products that can be tested has fallen rapidly, which has led to a risk-based system where products are only tested when we already know there is a problem.

Waste Not Want Not Conference Papers


The Agri-Food Hub event on 5 March 2013, attracted over 50 delegates who discussed the often-overlooked issue of the vast amount of waste involved in producing and consuming food. 

More crop per drop 2012

viewing posters

The inaugural More Crop Per Drop conference was organised by SCI's BioResources; Environment, Health and Safety; and Science and Enterprise Groups on 29 November 2012 at SCI headquarters in London.

Environment and Health and Safety Groups Merge


During 2012 the Environment Group and the Health and Safety Group committees have been in discussion relating to a merger of the two groups to form a single Environment Health and Safety Group. Both committees have given their unanimous approval at recent committee meetings for this merger to complete, effective January 2013.

Health and Safety in Laboratories: Have We Got it Right? Conference Papers

Chemical Eye injury

Health and Safety in Laboratories: Have We Got It Right? was held at ALcontrol Laboratories on 12 November 2012.

Managing threats to drinking water supply


A total of 154 delegates attended the 5th Water Contamination Emergencies conference held at the impressive RWW Water Treatment Works conference facility just outside Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany from 19 - 21 November 2012.

Collaborate to build a better future


SCI connects scientists and business people from a wide range of chemistry-using industries to advance the commercial application of chemistry and related sciences for public benefit. Our conferences increasingly result from collaboration between SCI groups and external partners.

Beginning the bacteria battle


This highly successful BSI/SCI and Materials KTN sponsored workshop - Antimicrobial Hard Surfaces: The Need for Suitable Standards - was run at BSI on 28 February 2012 at BSI, London, and attracted 68 delegates.