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Group News

Interview with Tim White, consulting scientist

Tim White

Tim White has been a member of SCI since 1980, and has been involved with the Environment Group Committee. In 2001, he founded Marquis and Lord, a company of consulting scientists offering bespoke investigation and review services to the legal, insurance and engineering professions

Chemicals Stakeholder Forum

Joanne Lyall

Joanne Lyall represents SCI on the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum which advises the UK government on managing risks to the environment and to health that may result from the production, distribution and use of chemicals.

Chief Scientific Adviser Sir John Beddington values SCI work on Anaerobic Digestion


Sir John Beddington, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government has told SCI he values its recent paper on biorenewables through anaerobic digestion, and said it will assist government departments in formulating an Anaerobic Digestion Action Plan.

Dr Geoff Fowler receives prestigious Lampitt Medal

Dr Geoff Fowler

Lampitt Medallist and Chairman of the Membership Advisory Committee Dr Geoff Fowler says he likes to give as much as he can and not admit defeat.

Anaerobic digestion for biorenewable fuel and fertiliser


The advantages of anaerobically digesting waste, and using the biogas as an energy source and the digestate to improve soil.

BS 10175: Contaminated Sites - Code of practice


The management of contaminated land involves identifying risks arising from the presence of contaminants, in order that appropriate action can be taken before a site is developed.

Agri-Food Hub will weather 'Perfect Storm'


Do the slogans 'from plough to plate' or even, 'from field to forecourt' mean anything to you? If so, there are around a thousand SCI members who share your interests in agriculture, food, feed, fuel or fibre.

Interview with Dean Francis

Dr Dean Francis

Dean Francis is a trained environmental scientist and professional environmental consultant focusing on environmental monitoring and risk management. He recently became a member of SCI and participated in the Environment and Health and Safety Groups' consultation on BS 8580 Risk Assessment for Legionella as an exhibitor.

Occupational cancer: a continuing problem

CAT scan

Despite considerable improvements over the last few decades, cancer caused by workplace exposure to hazardous substances still requires action. An SCI workshop held in May 2010 examined the work done so far and plans for the future.

The Water Framework Directive: What are the Business Opportunities Past Conference Papers


Organised by SCI’s Science & Enterprise Group, Environment Group, Yorkshire & the Humber Group, Fera, and CIWEM Tyne & Humber Branch, 'The Water Framework Directive: What are the Business Opportunities?' was held on Thursday 25 March 2010 at Fera, York, UK.