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Group News

Driving Innovation in Water and Waste Analysis Methods

Driving innovation in water & waste analysis methods  Tuesday 13 – Wednesday 14 March 2018

SCI's Environment, Health and Safety Group held the conference Driving Innovation in Water and Waste Analysis Methods, SCI, London on Tuesday 13 – Wednesday 14 March 2018, and the conference papers are available here.

Draft Brexit deal ensures EU science fund until 2020

EU and UK flags

A draft Brexit transition deal – announced 19 March – will allow UK participation in all EU programmes until December 2020, the expected end to the transition period after the UK leaves the EU.

Dr Alison Tedstone – Overcoming obesity: A taste of things to come

kids eating healthily

On Wednesday 23 May 2018 at her SCI Public Evening Lecture, Dr Tedstone will discuss the evidence underlining the government's current initiatives to tackle the UK's growing obesity epidemic.

Hydropower analytic tool assesses environmental impact

hydropower dam

A team of Norwegian-based researchers have developed a methodology that quantifies the environmental effects of hydropower electricity production.

Report: Voice of the Future 2018

vof 2018

SCI took young chemical industry representatives to Voice of the Future – an event that connects early career scientists to government.

Report: Bright SCIdea Final 2018

Bright SCIdea Final 2018

We report from the very first Bright SCIdea Challenge final!

Who won the Bright SCIdea Challenge?

team glucoguard

Six teams from across the UK competed in the very first Bright SCIdea Challenge. But who walked away with the title and £1,000 prize?

Day of Science and Careers London 2018 Event Preview

Day of Science and Careers London 2018 Tuesday 27 March 2018

SCI's annual Day of Science & Careers is designed to give information about the wide range of careers covered in the chemical, chemistry using and other science-based industries.

SCI AGM 2018 – Save the date!


The 137th SCI AGM will be held on Wednesday 4 July 2018.

Cellulosic biofuels more productive, says study

modelling tool kansas

Using an ecomodelling system, researchers from Colorado State University have found that biofuels made from switchgrass, a non-edible grass that is durable in many weather conditions, may be more productive than those that are crop-based.