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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

All materials react to fire both physically and chemically and this means that our increasingly complex human environment faces fire hazards which also increase as we demand more sophisticated and often larger built environments and faster and more efficient transport systems, for example. However, these developments parallel the increasing societal demands for risk reduction and hence improvements in fire safety. This requires interactions between fire chemists, physicists, engineers and mathematical modellers on the one hand with fire retardant producers and users, test houses and regulators and other fire safety organisations on the other.

The SCI Fire and Materials Group (FMG) attempts to provide an interface between all these fire safety-interested parties. The drivers for change include not only a greater understanding of the fire properties of so-called conventional materials, but also of those new materials that include high performance polymers based on aromatic polymeric structures, for example, biomaterials having increased sustainability and ceramics - these last are specifically designed to resist the highest temperatures, often in excess of 1000°C. The demand for improved sustainability of all fire retardant materials is also a current and major issue that overlays all current fire resistant material interests.

The Group will address those questions that are of current greatest scientific and/or public interest by holding at least two meetings each year at venues across the UK and hosted by academic, industrial and other member establishments. It will attempt to bring together the relevant parties regarding issues under discussion and facilitate understanding across these otherwise often seemingly distinct fire-related disciplines. The Group will also interface with other professional bodies including those abroad, including the secretariat of the biennial European Conference series on Flame Resistant Polymeric Materials (FRPM).

We welcome members from all sides of the 'fire safety polygon' and look forward to interactive and constructive discussions in the foreseeable future.

Professor Richard Horrocks 
Fire and Materials Group

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Prof Richard Horrocks


Vacant. If you are interested in applying please contact membership@soci.org


Dr Gill Smart

Ordinary Members:

Mr David Crossley


Dr Emmajane Erskine

Derek Heywood

Mr Derek Heywood


Dr Paul Joseph


Dr John Liggat


Dr Anna Stec

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