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Group News

Public Evening Lecture: Sir Martyn Poliakoff

Sir Martyn Poliakoff recording one of his famous YouTube videos.

Sir Martyn Poliakoff became famous for his popular series of YouTube videos, the Periodic Table of Videos, in which he made chemistry simple, interesting, and accessible to more than 800,000 subscribers.Sir Poliakoff will be speaking at SCI on the future of photochemistry.

Weekly roundup 27/01/2017

The metamaterial developed by researchers from the University of Michigan.
The latest science and innovation news.

UK Industrial Strategy announced

HM Govermment

An overview of the recently announced Industrial Strategy for the UK.

Weekly roundup 20/01/2017

Falcon9, the SpaceX rocket that successfully launched and landed this week.

The latest science and innovation news.

Theresa May reveals plan for Brexit negotiations

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the UK.

Theresa May today gave the clearest indication yet of her plan for the negotiations that will see the UK leave the European Union. She outlined twelve priorities for the UK and made clear the significance of the UK’s science and innovation base for future success.

Weekly roundup 13/01/2017

Spider silk, the inspiration behind the latest 'click-chemistry' development.

The latest science and innovation news.

Secrets of Formulation IV: event preview

Secrets of Formulations IV: a chance to see ‘how stuff works’

Secrets of Formulation IV: a chance to see 'how stuff works'.

Julia Levy Award Recipient, Julian Adams

Julia Levy Award

The 2013 winner of the SCI Canada Julia Levy Award is Julian Adams for his successful commercialisation of innovation in Canada.

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