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Group News

Horticulture Newsletter - November 2010

tomato slice

As Europe and America limp slowly out of recession, many eastern countries continue to surge ahead. Several reports have questioned their ability to feed themselves. Rebecca Lewis of Promar International sounds a warning and describes the impact their horticultural industries could have on the UK fresh produce industry.

Horticulture Newsletter - October 2010

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Another successful year for the SCI Horticulture Group was reported at our AGM on 24 September 2010.

Visit to Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

The Professional Horticulture Group South West visited Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, Dorset, on 8 September 2010.

Horticulture Newsletter - September 2010

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Our Annual General Meeting will be held at Belgrave Square on 24 September. As well as the formal meeting we will have an intriguing talk by David Whalley and Alison Foster entitled 'Magic Murder and Plant Potions'.

Horticulture Newsletter - August 2010

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In this issue Margaret Waddy continues her story on Ghana with a look at the exotic plants that are commonly grown in the country. Alison Foster continues her Plants of the Month with the colourful clock vine and the less attractive thorn apple.

Horticulture Group and Society of Biology link

Society of Biology

The Horticulture Group has recently become an organisational member of the Society of Biology

Agri-Food Hub will weather 'Perfect Storm'


Do the slogans 'from plough to plate' or even, 'from field to forecourt' mean anything to you? If so, there are around a thousand SCI members who share your interests in agriculture, food, feed, fuel or fibre.

David Anthony Miller MBE

David Miller

We were saddened to learn of the death of Guernsey horticulturalist David Miller, a founder of SCI's Horticulture Group, who passed away on 19 May 2010.

Horticulture Newsletter - July 2010

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During our visit to the Millennium Seedbank the topic of how to germinate 'difficult' seeds was discussed, including these are seeds that recolonise after fire. Richard Todd of the Fine Chemicals Group has investigated the topic and describes the chemistry behind this phenomenon

Agri-Food Groups on Facebook

Facebook horticulture group

Horticulture, BioResources, and Food Groups have all recently launched Facebook Groups.