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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

We are delighted to welcome you to the Group's webpages. Macro Group UK is dedicated to furthering Polymer Chemistry in the UK by promoting meetings and fostering both national and international links and collaborations. Please feel free to visit our website www.macrogroup.org.uk. The website contains information and further links which we hope you will find useful and informative.

Polymer Chemistry is a diverse topic covering everything from the synthesis and characterisation of polymers and polymeric materials; properties of natural and synthetic polymers; and their application in areas ranging from drug delivery to adhesives and coatings. As such we are a diverse group reflecting our community. In addition, Macro Group UK is committed to the development of new polymer scientists working in industry and education through the Recent Appointees in Polymer Science (RAPS) network.

As a member or perspective member of SCI with an interest in polymers who isn't yet a member of the Macro Group UK, we invite you to join and get involved in our activities. If you are already a member, we thank you for your continued support and we welcome further your active involvement.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr Cameron Alexander
Macro Group UK

Committee biographies and photographs


Dr Cameron Alexander


Dr Peter Deakin


Dr Dave Adams

Ordinary Members:

Dr Valeria Arrighi


Prof Neil Cameron


Dr Frederik Claeyssens


Dr Cecile Dreiss


Dr Stephen Edmondson


Dr Theoni Georgiou


Dr Matthew Gibson


Dr Chris Holland


Mr Lian Hutchings


Ms Natalie Lavignac


Dr Adam Limer

  Prof Peter Lovell
  Dr Aline Miller
  Dr Mogon Paul
  Dr Peter Shaw
  Prof Natalie Stingelin
  Dr Wim Thielemans
  Dr Paul Topham
  Prof Charlotte Williams

Prof Stephen Yeates

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