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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

It is over a year now since I took up this position and at that time I said how I very much looked forward to the next period of SCI's development and to our own adventures together in Materials.  I also said what a very exciting time for Materials scientists this is and I am glad to say that the recent emphasis on the role of science in the economy, which is in turn driving innovation, technology transfer and commercialization of research, has only further emphasized that Materials, and its key branch of nano-scale science, plays a critical part in all our lives.  From carbon and graphene based electronics, through biomaterials to energy and nuclear technology the UK leads the way and Materials is in a pivotal position in terms of fundamental research, commercialization and as an engine for economic growth.

The SCI Materials Group have always been prime representatives of both academia and industry and so our current role is as important as it ever was in bringing together scientists from all backgrounds, and indeed from all countries, to distil the very best from our efforts and to work with both business and government to ensure that we strengthen our science base and underline the value of science, and scientists, to the UK economy. To do this, one of our prime functions has always been to organize meetings which bring together scientists, promote critical discussion and bring to life new ideas.

We will continue to do this and during the coming year we will be organizing a series of meetings and one-day conferences each of which will focus on one or more ‘hot topics’ and key aspects of materials.  Just some of the areas we shall be exploring are biomaterials and biomedical technology; carbon and graphene based systems; sensors, early warning and security systems and novel composites, so keep watching this site for the latest on these developments.

That's all for now but there will be a new message from the Materials Committee coming soon to keep you right up to date with our activities so keep checking this Materials page and I also urge you to keep a watchful eye on the SCI conferences page of our website to keep up to date with these opportunities.

Best wishes

Chair, Materials Group

Committee biographies and photographs


Dr Daven Chamberlain


Dr Stefan Orszulik

Ordinary Members:

Dr Gordon Armstrong

David Birkett

Dr David Birkett

David Walton

Prof David Walton


Weiping Wu


Prof Wuzong Zhou

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