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Meet the Committee

Chair's message

The Science and Enterprise Group (SEG) aims to spearhead the SCI promise to be 'Where Science meets Business'. We work within sectors and areas of current and future relevance to technologists, business and society at large.

SEG Focus:

  • Business growth and new business development
  • Critical markets and their future development
  • Strategic issues and imperatives

SEG Strategy:

  • Facilitate the exploitation of science, technology and innovation to create new business opportunities
  • Work at the interface of Technical Interest Groups, Regional Interest Groups and members expertise to address opportunities in chosen Focus Areas
  • Provide a forum to address the needs and aspirations of technologists, businesses and society to create value

The Science and Enterprise Group organises events addressing critical innovation and business needs within Focus Areas, such as Transportation, Energy, Consumer Products, Packaging, Renewable Resources, Chemical Industry, Health and Nutrition, Processing, Horticulture, Water, Textiles and Fibres, Printed Electronics, Smart Materials and the Innovation Process. These events provide information, knowledge and critical insights as well as vital networking opportunities that can be exploited for future value

Full details of the SEG programme of conferences and meetings for the coming year can be found in our regularly updated calendar of events. If you wish to know more about the Group, would like to support a particular Focus Area or offer suggestions for new activities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always keen to welcome enthusiastic new Members.

SCI is a forward-looking interdisciplinary organisation connecting industry and academia at all levels throughout the world. I encourage you to introduce your colleagues and acquaintances to the Society, and contact membership@soci.org for details on how to join.

Committee biographies and photographs


Dr Craig Duckham


Dr Tiffany Wood


Dr Jason Camp

Ordinary Members:

Mr Brian Allin


Mr Lambros Antoniou

Inna Biagozina-Goreli

Dr Inna Baigozina-Goreli


Mr Chris Deakin

Martin Elliott

Mr Martin Elliott


Dr Gian Franco Figini

Prof Clive Thompson

Prof Clive Thompson


Dr Dave Witty


Mrs Rebecca Wood

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